Topflight Apps and Agora Partnership program

Launch your telehealth solution at a start-up friendly price of 90% off.

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$125m raised

$15.1m raised

Topflight Apps and Agora are excited to announce a startup program to lower the barriers of entry for early-stage startups building innovative telehealth solutions.

Topflight is a software development company which specializes in the product strategy, design, and development of disruptive healthcare solutions. We were founded in 2016, helping companies like Dermasensor, Stanford Medicine, and Medable raise over $60m with cutting edge mhealth products with a focus on winning user experience and engagement. 

Agora is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant real-time communication services such as video chat, real-time text messaging, recordings, and live streaming. We’ve found them to be the most customer-centric and developer-centric company in their category, with partners including DrFirst and Talkspace. 

We chose to invest into this partnership program because we felt that Agora shared our vision of a healthcare-from-anywhere future. With Covid-19 changing how consumers access healthcare, and governments relaxing telehealth regulations, we saw a great opportunity to combine our software design and development expertise with Agora’s real-time communication infrastructure to help vastly more startups go to market in less time, with less worrying on how they’ll support HIPAA costs.

Why you should apply?

What are the two biggest pain points when launching a telehealth solution?

Based on our experience:

Finding a technical partner that shares your vision


Figuring out and managing costs and infrastructure around HIPAA compliance when you’re still pre-revenue 


The actual costs of HIPAA compliance are estimated at almost $8.3 billion a year, with each physician on average spending $35,000 annually for health information technology upkeep.

If you’re looking to build your telehealth solution with a team of ex-founders, designers, and developers that share your vision while worrying less about HIPAA costs and infrastructure, apply today. 

Who should apply?

You have past healthcare and/or entrepreneurial experience

You can clearly communicate your idea to a stranger in 30 seconds 

You’ve already built something impressive 

You’ve gone “out of the building” to get feedback on your idea from strangers 

You are looking for one or all of - Product Strategy, Design, Development

You’ve secured funding for your application

You do your research

You’re looking for a dependable technical backbone so you can focus on being the entrepreneur

You’re looking for a partnership

Details of the program

Accepted candidates will qualify for 90% off monthly pricing with Agora’s HIPAA-compliant product. We will accept 5 participants for the second batch of our program, with applications open starting now and ending December 31.


What is the final cost with the discount?

Agora's pricing for their HIPAA compliant tier begins at $2,900/month for standard customers. Participants in our startup program would instead be charged $300/month for access to this tier, plus Agora's standard pay as-you-go pricing for API calls and recordings.

How long does the offer last?

1 year. The expectation is that after a year, your new startup should have sufficient revenue to transition you into a standard Agora customer.

Do you sign a BAA?

Yes, we have signed a BAA with Agora which covers all the participants in the program.

What type of API services would this cover?

Real-time video chat, video recordings on S3, and live streaming. HIPAA-compliant real-time messaging is also expected in November.

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$15.1m raised

$125m raised