As a team of entrepreneurs, design and code is our craft but impact is what defines us. We always pick the project that improves people’s lives.

Most members of our team hail from startup backgrounds because we saw problems in the world and couldn’t resist working on them.  Although we are designers and developers by trade, at the core we are entrepreneurs that apply this same passion and ethos to our client projects.

This is why we’ve taken on the highly-complex challenges like health interoperability, artificial intelligence, and blockchain development, knowing that our mantra of “seeking out the hardest problems to solve” would make life harder but also more rewarding.  Nothing beats the fulfillment of building a novel application that solves a long-standing problem.

Due to runaway healthcare costs, seemingly immovable healthcare inefficiency, and an exceedingly capitalistic healthcare system, we believe that solving our broken healthcare system is the greatest challenge of our time.  But with the technologies we have at our disposal now, we’re inclined to find and collaborate with clients that attack healthcare from both inside and outside the box using a multidisciplinary approach leveraging AI, IoT (sensor data), and technologies that return patients control of their own health data.

Our team contributes heavily to open source to make sure that what we’ve done helps advance needed technologies at an exponentially faster rate.  As our community advances, we all benefit.  In 2017, we started the Topflight Foundation, a registered 501c3, to provide in-kind consulting hours to noble causes in healthcare and STEM education.

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