At Topflight Apps we allow our team to work wherever they want, to provide them work-life balance that leads to better health and productivity.  

Higher turnover and higher communication overhead are some common concerns with a distributed model.  However, these couldn’t be further from the truth for us.

By not having a physical office, we’re able to invest more earnings back into our team and not charge our clients for fluff.  The ability to work from anywhere in the world on a flexible schedule has allotted our team the ability to travel and pursue their passions, all contributing to better overall health and happiness.  We’ve yet to have someone leave our company unless it was an offer they couldn’t refuse (acceptance into a renowned startup incubator).

While the reliance on virtual collaboration tools posed early challenges, these challenges actually became opportunities.  We carved out better communication and stronger workflows, skills and assets that have led to us outperforming other teams on virtual client projects. We trust every individual on our team to work directly with clients and self-manage.  To absolve any time zone differences, we have at least 6 hours a day of crossover between all members of our team.

In the end, our remote structure has led to a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, higher worker satisfaction, and most importantly, better client outcomes.