At Topflight Apps, the single metric we use to define our personal and professional success is whether we help our clients’ businesses grow.   

We’ve worked with clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to ecommerce businesses and hospitals doing millions in sales, and our criteria for selecting clients is always about finding whom we can help the most.

The search is a lot like online dating for us!  We look for great chemistry, productive open-minded conversations, and complementary competencies.  Once we believe we can turn their concept into a real business and enjoy working together, then we’re in.

The design phase is all about designing for growth, not prettiness.  We test designs with users you hope will engage, subscribe, buy, or behave in some other value adding way.  If during user testing, we find it’s not happening, we have no ego about re-doing the design until we figure this out.  This is why we consider the UX the most important part of creating an app.

After the app is developed and launched into the real world, we keep watch over analytics to measure how much revenue the app is adding to the business.  We make sure that no revenue leakage happens due to bugs or performance issues, and fix them if they do.  By working closely with the marketing team that gets eyes on the app, we can optimize what users do once they get there.  We suggest product iterations as needed, or bigger pivots if the market isn’t responding as we expected.

We’re always prepared to scale up our resources from day one, so that as your business grows, we’re ready to accommodate intensifying demands from your users and stakeholders.

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