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Medpike: Web App Development That Empowers Doctors and Patients


Web App Development

Medpike makes for an unprecedented social experiment: getting health solutions out of walled gardens, into the hands of individual doctors and patients.

  • Duration:
    July 2017 – Present 
  • Platform:
    Web Browsers
  • Technology Stack:
    HTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress, Tpaga, Javascript, AngularJS, Kinvey, Grunt, Google API, AcuityScheduling API
Miguel Angarita, MD

Miguel Angarita, MD

Co-Founder, Medpike

"They met all deadlines. We had the advantage of working in different time zones so we were able to have some developments prepared and ready overnight. They worked even more than we expected. Having found an agency with a Spanish-speaking project manager made everything easier. The project manager they assigned is excellent. He has fluid communication with us so we are happy working with them."

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Deliver care in the moment, no matter the location

Medpike aims to help doctors and patients build scalable software products for improving healthcare in the developing world. A Medpike account can be seen as an Ambulatory Electronic Clinical History that connects doctors and patients anytime, anywhere.

We have been working for over 6 months for Medpike on both their Chrome apps: one for patients and one for medics.


Design Work:

We’ve improved the user experience by making back-end improvements: such as making the patients data load faster by making a simpler communication between the app and Kinvey (the database service) and fixing bugs that occurred in the process of creating a new patient or changing a patient’s data.

We’ve also improved the design by changing the look and feel of different elements such as menus, content text and colors, confirmation pop-ups, and menu-tabbet boxes.


Development Work:


Synchronized Appointment Calendar service 

Before, the app allowed physicians to easily review assigned appointments, availability being influenced by the pending time. We have implemented an appointment calendar service using Acuity Scheduling’s API where appointments can be created for patients based on the medic’s availability. Moreover, both medics and patients can see the appointments in their calendars, as we’ve also implemented a Google synchronization service for patients so they can sync their appointments with their Google calendar.

Call credit and payment systems

The app also allows doctors to consult the medical information of the patients who request a call back, as well as the status of their patients pending calls or requests made through their Medpike app. Medpike also provides a credit system: credits are accumulated by returning the call from the cell phone to their patients, especially in non-working hours.  We’ve implemented a recursive payment algorithm using the Tpaga platform.


The Medpike App counterpart in iPhone / iPad version is called Mdico and is available only to doctors who already have a Medpike account. For the future, we plan to move both Medpike’s apps from Chrome Apps to Web Progressive Apps, thus making them available for any device.






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