Ideas are a great start, but execution is where you separate from the rest.


After we get on a call to talk about your project, our proposal process will get you on the starting line to execute your concept in the most viable way possible. The proposal is a combination of understanding the scope and purpose of your mobile app or progressive web app (PWA) while planning how we will apply our skills and personnel to get the job done. In context, it may help to know that our process is specifically tuned for small business, entrepreneurs, and smaller to medium sized branches of large organizations who need to bring their app idea to market quickly and effectively. Having robust experience in telemedicine, fintech, social, and non-profit software, we align our team of world-class designers and developers to your project based on their startup and entrepreneurial backgrounds, to give you the advanced technical expertise you’ll need as well as the partner you’ll want who can advise on toolsets, testing strategies, and market insight.


As a result of our unique project strategy, we’ve successfully launched 100% of our apps to market, and have established over year-long relationships with 90% of our existing clients. Needless to say, it works!


The proposal building process is focused on value; If you’re getting in touch with us with just an idea and a budget, we will begin our proposal process by talking about your goals and business to identify the core value you bring to the marketplace and build a waterproof plan to test functionality through an MVP. If you come to us with a solid idea already, but you need a design to bring it to life, we’ll start by talking about your ideal user experience and get our UI/UX experts to create an incredible interactive prototype to materialize the vision and test with your users. If you’re in the development stage, we’ll talk about the functionality, infrastructure, platform additions like AI or advanced security, and how we can build for today’s tech market and plan to scale for years to come.


In order to help you prepare for the months of creative work ahead, our proposals include estimates, timelines, 1-year support costs, and a detailed scope of your project that you can execute on immediately.


Ideas are a great start, but execution is where you separate from the rest.