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Deceptively Simple Looks

Disguised as a hip-looking social media app, in reality, MySound is a music discovery platform. Despite still being a prototype version, the app’s features go way beyond sharing playlists and songs. MySound offers users options to: 


other music enthusiasts


playlists and songs


a fan base

check out

weekly trending playlists and songs


to new music (in Spotify or Apple Music)

Apple Music and Spotify Fans Making Friends

You’ll be surprised, but there’s no simple way to share playlists and tracks cross-service in this golden age of music streaming. Apple Music fanboys and fangirls are out of luck sharing their fav playlists with their friends on Spotify, and vice versa.

That’s precisely what MySound set out to do. The app’s founder decided it was high time to bring music lovers together to share and discover new tunes, regardless of their streaming service of choice.

combining apple and spotify

Marry Spotify with Apple Music

To give MySound an intuitive and smooth flavor, we had to settle a few technical challenges:

spotify logo
apple music logo

Apple Music API + Spotify API

screens from the mysound app

To make playlists from the competing music services compatible, we had to:

integrate MySound with Apple’s and Spotify’s APIs, accounting for their ways for handling music

set up a two-way conversion mechanism for playlists and songs to play in both streaming apps

find workarounds for the Apple Music API (bugs and missing data)

Complex Logic

more screens from the mysound app

The app is easy-to-use on the surface but relies on a rather complex, well-thought-out logic. Without it, customers wouldn’t be able to:

access deleted but already shared playlists (algorithms)

go straight to a user profile after following a link outside the app (deep linking)

listen to a playlist in the streaming service of their choice (integration with other apps)

view trending playlists and songs (algorithms)


swift logo
firebase logo
node JS logo
spotify logo
apple logo

Swift, Firebase (+ NodeJS for cloud functions), Spotify API, Apple Music API

The next time you’ll be hearing of MySound, it’s going to be the big news about a brand-new social media app, dubbed “Instagram for Music.”

Just like we flip through Instagram, mesmerized by glimpses into somebody’s life, we’ll be feeling our friends’ and fav celebs’ vibes on MySound, regardless of the music streaming service we prefer.

Instagram for Music

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MySound founder decided it was high time to bring Apple Music and Spotify fans together to share and discover new tunes, regardless of their streaming service of choice.

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Type: Prototype, Development

Length: 6 months

Total Cost: 700 hours

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Total Cost: 700 hours

Length: 6 months

Type: Prototype, Development

MVP v1: 400 hours, 3 months

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