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Step one

Product Discovery

Here’s where your idea and your users’ expectations come to meet the technical reality. A dedicated product manager will collaborate with you to formulate product requirements and envision the user journey.  Whether you’re coming to us with a napkin sketch or half-finished code, a full assessment is made whether development can be accelerated and your money saved with off-the-shelf APIs or solutions. By defining the tech stack required early, we can select a maximally lean team. 



  • System diagram
  • Technology stack
  • User Journeys
  • Backlog of features
  • Product roadmap
  • Estimates for development
Step TWO

Rapid Prototyping

It’s time to validate or refute your product assumptions with real users, but doing that on a coded app in most cases equals wasted and repeat development. 

Coding is the most costly and time-consuming part of the process, so rapid prototyping allows you to cheaply and quickly test the user journey and features, striking off anything your users don’t need off your final development bill, and perfecting the features your users need into something they love and engage with. 

The process consists of:

Low-fidelity wireframes > High-fidelity wireframes > Interactive prototype

Thorough user tests utilizing

Enhance and finalize the prototype based on the results of the user tests


  • Design assets
  • Clickable prototype
  • User testing assets
  • Final report
prototype sample

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Rapid Prototyping

Step three

Development & Project Management

After all the guesswork has been eliminated, it’s time to code your MDP — Minimum Delightful Product. At this stage, you know exactly what to expect so you are just looking forward to the first results. 

Coding is led by a technical product manager according to Agile principles, in two-week sprints. You receive regular weekly check-ins to stay up to date on the progress.  The code is scalable, and accounts for any compliance you require, including HIPAA, PCI, and bank-level encryption.



A sleek, lean, fully coded application

Step four

Quality Assurance

To make sure there are no hiccups to compromise your launch, each two-week sprint ends in quality assurance testing. We don’t wait until the end to run QA—we catch problems early, saving time and money.  

We then deliver the finished product on staging and invite our clients and their team to conduct live tests. For long-term projects, we set up an extensive regression test suite to ensure subsequent updates and improvements to the app are not causing bugs elsewhere and breaking functionality.



  • Usability testing
  • Automate cross-device testing
  • Regression testing
  • IoT testing
Step five

Launch & Beyond

Now that we have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, we launch your app onto the Internet and app stores. At this point, most of our clients choose to retain us as a long-term development partner to support the app and make improvements over time.


  • App store launch
  • Maintenance and bug-fixes (Optional)

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