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The right presence for your small business is the one that converts visitors into buyers. Your website and mobile applications are now the most direct channels to your customers. Buyers expect a smooth multi-channel experience; they browse on mobile and buy on websites. Your mobile app has to hand off to your site seamlessly and integrate data to create a seamless buying experience. Whether you need monthly subscribers, retail customers, or wholesale buyers on web or mobile, we have ecommerce developers and UX/UI designers who can build the right ecommerce solution for all.

Revenue Driven

We have built platforms in WordPress with Woocommerce, Magento 1 and 2, and Shopify and integrated shopping cart solutions such as Foxyshop to give our e-commerce clients digital storefronts that turn traffic into revenue.  On the administrative side, we build with tools like Odoo ERP, SugarCRM, and product search with Elasticsearch, to close sales and send your products out the door.

End To End Systems

An e-commerce platform has to be more than just a storefront. Topflight Apps integrates data and inventory to make a complete enterprise management solution. We can connect your website or app to any product database and take care of the configuration and performance tuning that will deliver the smooth customer experience and bring products together with your motivated buyers.

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Topflight Apps delivers the right solutions for e-commerce that boosts online sales with elegance and professionalism.  Whether it’s getting users to find a specific product easily, maximizing conversions, expanding a desktop site to a mobile audience, or conveying your brand value more clearly to customers, we’ll solve it with our value-adding approach. We’re passionate about fulfilling our client’s objectives, which includes anything from enterprise applications to non-profit services through our 501(c)(3) branch.

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Our track record of helping ecommerce businesses grow and innovate is why so many brands, software companies, and trailblazers choose us as their ecommerce technology partner.

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