Healthcare & Medical App Developers in Orange County

Healthcare App Developer

Sometimes we forget to recognize that we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Orange County. The good people, the perfect weather, the abundance of opportunities, can all be so easy to take for granted. But there’s something more important that we often overlook.

Our health. The truth is, most people don’t think about how they feel, until it’s too late, and they’re sick.

Similarly, most people probably don’t pay attention to the healthcare industry until they’re tangled up in the confusing infrastructure that the industry is built on. At Topflight Apps, we think that by applying our technological expertise and healthcare knowledge to simplifying the process, we can provide better health care to the people around us.

We ensure that every healthcare app developer we employ has the passion to empower businesses who are looking to gain an advantage in their space, disrupt their industry, or boost their business efficiency with better tools and powerful partners. This includes anything from enterprise applications to non-profit services through our 501(c)(3) branch.

Ultimately, we aim to deliver elegant and simplified technological improvements to the healthcare industry. As we design and develop healthcare apps, we hope to make every day a healthy day for the people around us.

Healthcare Mobile App Developers in Orange County

Whether you’re building a Smart Medical Device, integrating FHIR API’s, or designing a Machine Learning app, we believe the right project starts with the right team. Local to Orange County, we have designers, developers, and compliance specialists who are driven to improve patient outcomes by applying our over decades worth of experience in the healthcare space.

Healthcare is our passion, and it makes a difference to have a team who aligns with your goals and expectations. Communicating core values and providing accurate estimates are extremely important elements of a successful mobile app development project, so we make sure our team is well-groomed and well-aligned in these aspects of our culture before bringing them on full-time.

When you work with our team you should experience timely communication, exemplary professionalism, and healthy, fun attitudes! After all, part of the experience is not only getting the mobile solutions you need as medical professionals, but also enjoying the collaboration with our software developers and application design team.

Clients and Reviews

Medical Mobile App Developers in Orange County

In order to provide the best solutions, we make sure to have the best team. Our team of experts, with over decades of experience, is always our best and foremost resource on every project.

Our design, development, and project management is always done in-house. Managing multiple projects and clients means we always specify our team allocation up-front, and we make sure to introduce you to who you’ll be working within the duration of our relationship before you make any commitments.

Medical Mobile Apps

Medical apps should be easy to use, simple to understand, and add legitimate value to their users. As an industry which could benefit significantly from technological improvement, we aim to help hospitals, privately owned firms, and peripheral companies looking to make an impact or improvement in the healthcare space. Patient portals, patient data, medical records, EHR integrations, HL7 data, and HIPAA compliance are all core strengths of our team.

On the surface, you might see medical apps take the form of a fitness pal you use to track workouts or a platform used in hospitals or at home for monitoring patient care. Underneath, however, there is a deeply complex infrastructure to make sure patient information is kept confidentially, transferred securely, and managed appropriately.

It’s our job, and our passion, to build apps that provide a simple and enjoyable experience to the user, while correctly managing data in a secure and compliant manner on the backend.

Although it would be great to start a project having every step mapped out completely, it’s not always realistic! That’s why we have a process, to outline every step of the way and stay on the same page to hurdle over those unexpected challenges, together!

Transparency in Our Process

This is how we'll create your app

Product Discovery

Before we develop any app, we make sure we’re creating something that fits your business goals.  First we create the blueprint for the technology showing how the technical pieces fit together and what languages and services make the most sense long-term.  We investigate APIs and code libraries to analyze the feasibility of development and integration, and discover ways to accelerate development. Deliverables: functional specifications, high and low estimates for development.  

User Experience (UX) Design

We use rapid prototyping to build an optimal user experience. The prototype is a rough draft with just foundation and carpentry. But, it lets us iterate quickly and figure out what features will and won’t make it into the app based on the concept of a Minimum Viable Product.  Our developers also jump in to find possible roadblocks and suggest alternative implementations to make sure we’re not “overdesigning”. Deliverables: interactive Invision prototypes to test with prospective customers.

User Interface (UI) Design

Now that we have our user experience locked down, we turn the project to our user interface designers who add the polish that makes it visually appealing.We bring to life how your app will look and feel.  Iconography, branding, animation, and other visual “magic” have long been documented to increase conversions. This is about making the story look and feel incredible so customers engage with your app. Deliverables: sketch files, microanimations in Flinto, interactive Invision prototypes for user testing.  

Coding and Programming

This is the point at which all the previous work comes together.  Led by your product manager, our developers code the app according to Agile Development practices. We break up the backlog of tickets into 2-week sprints.  We discuss tasks and write code with total transparency so you’re never left to wonder. At the end of the sprint, the product manager holds a check-in with you to update you on progress, demo the sprint, and report how we’re doing relative to estimates and timelines.  Deliverables: Github code commits, apps ready for testing on staging or testflight environment.

Quality Control and Testing

Now we conduct quality control testing internally and externally. We write unit tests, which are tests that automatically test new code as it’s written to make sure it achieves functional expectations.  Next we perform beta testing along with our clients, to ensure that the site is working the way it was intended and according to the original story. We check for typos, broken links, security, forms, design compliance, mobile responsiveness, page loading speed, and anything else that a customer might experience.  Deliverables: Github code commits, apps ready for real customer engagement on production environment.

Launch and Beyond

Now that we have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, we launch your beautiful new app onto the Internet and app stores. Now you have the code to run your app and continue to fulfill your mission. It’s in the nature of software to be ever-changing, thus most of our clients choose to retain us as a long-term development partner to support the app and make improvements over time.  We can address any bugs that arise, add enhanced microinteractions for user engagement, build new features from the roadmap, and maintain server health to handle growing user traffic.