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Building mobile apps that have the ability to rapidly change the way people receive care and medical attention require not only app developers with years of experience and software development expertise, but those who are genuinely passionate about creating digital healthcare products that address the lack of patient-centered care and the inefficiencies of the healthcare system. Healthcare app developers need to be deeply committed to the medical industry, eager to improve patient outcomes and have genuine desire to reduce the overall costs of healthcare. This is the only way they can put themselves in the shoes of healthcare professionals who are overwhelmed with the number of patients with different needs.

We believe that the key to creating successful healthcare mobile apps is empathy. As healthcare app developers, we know how to design and develop medical apps with a consciousness of how it might feel to use the application when we’re sick, weak or in need of immediate medical care. We also do our best to protect medical records and patients’ data using HIPAA Compliance Checklists. As mhealth app developers. we take data security seriously: we will never risk non compliance or exposing patients’ health records.

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We Love Healthcare
Because It Matters The Most

Your healthcare organization has the challenge of striking a delicate balance. Healthcare organizations and their patients can get so much valuable information from the technology, but you have to account for the burdens of security, privacy, and compliance that raise the risks and responsibilities of your organization. As a top mhealth application developer in California, USA, Topflight Apps has a track record of designing and developing web and mobile applications in healthcare from enterprise healthcare products to non-profit services through our 501(c)(3) branch.

Our team of expert healthcare app developers can develop the right solution whether you need a patient portal, an EMR system designed to FHIR or HL7 standards, a patient monitoring or telenursing app, hospital app development, or machine learning to improve clinical decisions. And of course since Topflight Apps is a medical software development company, it provides healthcare solutions that are secure and HIPAA compliant.

Our Healthcare Clients

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Our Mobile Medical App Developers

In order to provide the right mobile solutions, we make sure to have the best healthcare mobile app development team. Our team of experts, with over decades of experience in custom mhealth app development, is always our best and foremost resource on every custom mobile application development project. Our mobile health app design, development, and project management is always done in-house. Managing multiple healthcare mobile projects and clients means we always specify our team allocation up-front, and we make sure to introduce you to who you’ll be working within the duration of our relationship before you make any commitments.

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Building HIPAA Compliant Medical Mobile Apps

Medical apps should be easy to use, simple to understand, add legitimate value to their users, and of course, remain HIPAA compliant.

Types of mobile health solutions we develop

The healthcare industry could significantly benefit from technological improvements. Thus, we aim to help hospitals, privately owned firms, and peripheral companies looking to make an impact or improvement in the healthcare space. Patient portals, patient data, pharma solutions, medical records, EHR integrations, HL7 data, and HIPAA compliance are all core strengths of our team of experts.

Our mobile medical app developers focus on developing these types of applications for the healthcare industry:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Telehealth / telemedicine
  • Mental health
  • Super-lightweight EHRs for clinics
  • Uber for lab testing
  • Fitness & wellbeing
  • IoT medical apps
  • Apps for health insurance
  • AI-powered healthcare solutions
  • Medical staff on-demand apps

Here are three iconic healthcare apps we’ve built recently that demonstrate the blend of our design and mobile medical app development expertise.

smarter symptom tracker

Mental Health AI Platform

A responsive web app that leverages Machine Learning and chatbot technologies to help people find peace of mind.

Clinical Trial Management Software

Topflight became the custom healthcare software development company that Medable chose as a trustworthy technology partner.

Smarter Symptom Tracker

A remote patient monitoring app to track patients’ progress, refill prescriptions, message doctors, keep diaries during treatment, and visualize health.

Medical app development best practices

On the surface, you might see medical applications take the form of a fitness pal that you use to track calorie intake or workout schedule. They can even be a platform used in hospitals or at home for monitoring patient care. Underneath, however, medical app developers need to ensure that there is a deeply complex infrastructure to make sure patient information is kept confidentially, transferred securely, and managed appropriately whether it is building a healthcare chatbot or a dashboard application.

It’s our job, and our passion, to build medical apps that provide a simple and enjoyable experience to the user, while correctly managing data in a secure and compliant manner on the backend.

We adhere to the following security practices when building healthcare apps:

  • Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for CareKit and HealthKit
  • Android.OS.Health Guidelines
  • IEC 62304, ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2
  • MFi Program by Apple
  • HITECH Act, GDPR, and other regulations

Why We're Different

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Topflight Apps is different from all other mobile app development companies because we focus heavily on healthcare applications. Being a specialized healthcare mobile app developer allows us to provide an above-par service to our clients that they won’t get from a jack-of-all custom software development company.

Mobile health applications are leading the way in enabling care providers to provide better services to their clients. Patient apps have changed how people communicate with their care providers. And likewise, electronic health records have tremendously improved record-keeping in healthcare institutions. The mhealth industry is paving the way for new technologies as lab results, medical charts, and care plans can all be accessed from a mobile health app.

Medical device manufacturers now provide access to their data via API so you can build an app that tracks many of the metrics they provide. In most cases, you don’t need a specialized medical device to capture data. Even by just using the built-in hardware on mobile devices, a medical mobile app developer can create a mobile health app that provides accurate health information. Take a look at Google Fit, for example.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to drop by the office, you’re welcome to have coffee with us and discuss your application idea as well as other questions you may have about feasibility and app development costs. Choosing an experienced software developer or a healthcare app development company to bring your health and wellness app idea to life is a very important process that you need to spend quality time on. Often we’re asked whether we are an iPhone app developer or can do Android application development. The answer is yes to both questions. So if you need an iPhone app or an Android one, we have you covered. Or if your firm is looking for a US company with unparalleled mastery of design and technologies to build an Uber-like application for laboratory test results — the answer is still yes, Topflight Apps is absolutely your go-to mhealth development partner.

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Although it would be great to start a project having every step completely mapped out, it’s rarely realistic. That’s why we have a process to start lean, iterate fast, and adapt to unexpected challenges to find and maintain market traction.

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Our Technology Stack

iOS Development

Apple devices remain priority for the majority of consumer-facing health apps due to the company’s relentless efforts to make healthcare technology more transparent and available to the general public. Our healthcare software developers know the nuances of working with iOS HealthKit, ResearchKit, and CareKit inside out.

Android Development

Android is the second popular mobile platform that is flourishing on a plethora of mobile devices. Therefore, Android versions often accompany iOS health apps. The reason mobile health is in demand right now is due to shifting consumer habits, who flock to the mobile platforms. For native Android development we use Kotlin or Java.

Web Design and Development

Healthcare mobile application development rarely happens without a web application and the back end that accompany and support a health app. We excel at creating engaging user experiences that are laser-sharp focused on the target audience. And we believe that in the medical field, a solid UX is as important as support for the mobile web.

AI and ML Integrations

What sets our mobile healthcare software development services apart is our proficiency in artificial intelligence. We’ve worked on multiple medical solutions that required machine learning skills. One of the notable examples is a mental health application that uses a combination of Restricted Boltzmann and K-Nearest Neighbors algorithms to make predictions on what content would help the user best to improve their mental state.

Blockchain Development

One of the challenges that modern medicine is facing today is data interoperability. As a digital health app development agency, we were among the first to recognize blockchain technology as a viable option for data interchange between healthcare applications. Our team of healthcare app developers counts a few certified blockchain developers.

IoT Development

Our healthcare application development company is committed to fostering value-added medicine. Therefore, development of connected medical apps that work in tandem with smart sensors and other appliances has been a major part of what we do at Topflight. IoT medical apps we’ve built push forward research and patient-centered care.

Our Mobile Healthcare Software Development Process

This is how we’ll create your healthcare app

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Product Discovery

Before we develop any application, we make sure medical apps fit your business goals. First, we create the blueprint that will serve as your guide. We detail the technology showing how the technical pieces fit together and what languages and services make the most sense long-term. As a custom healthcare software development company, we investigate APIs and code libraries and we assess if we need to use artificial intelligence, machine learning or blockchain technology. We do these to gauge the feasibility of app development and integration, and discover ways to accelerate product development.

Deliverables: functional specifications, high and low estimates for product development.

User Experience (UX) Design

Unlike other application development companies, we use rapid prototyping to build an optimal user experience. The prototype is a rough draft with just foundation and carpentry. But, it lets us iterate quickly and figure out what features will and won’t make it into your medical app based on the concept of a Minimum Viable Product. Our mobile app developers also jump in to find possible roadblocks and suggest alternative implementations to make sure we’re not “over designing” each health app we’re building.

Deliverables: interactive Invision prototypes to test with prospective customers.

prototyping pharmacy app
designing pharmacy app

User Interface (UI) Design

Now that we have our user experience locked down, we turn the project to our user interface designers who add the polish that makes it visually appealing. We bring to life how your mobile app will look and feel. Iconography, branding, animation, and other visual “magic” have long been documented to increase conversions. This is about making the story look and feel incredible so customers engage with your product.

Deliverables: sketch files, micro animations in Flinto, interactive Invision prototypes for user testing.

Coding and Programming

This is the point at which all the previous work comes together. Led by your product manager, our mobile app developers code the app according to Agile Development practices. We break up the backlog of tickets into 2-week sprints. We discuss tasks and write code with total transparency so you’re never left to wonder. At the end of the sprint, the product manager holds a check-in with you to update you on progress, demo the sprint, and report how we’re doing relative to estimates and timelines. Of all the steps, health mobile app development requires the most effort.

Deliverables: Github code commits, apps ready for testing on staging or testflight environment.

coding pharmacy app development
testing e-pharmacy app

Quality Control and Testing

Now we conduct quality control testing internally and externally. We write unit tests, which are tests that automatically test new code as it’s written to make sure your mobile health apps function just the way you intend it to be. Next we perform beta testing along with our clients, to ensure that the site is working the way it was intended and according to the original story. We check for typos, broken links, security, forms, design compliance, mobile responsiveness, page loading speed, and anything else that a customer might experience, before moving to the most important part – listing the app to the mobile store.

Deliverables: Github code commits, apps ready for real customer engagement in production environment.

Launch and Beyond

Now that we have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, we launch your beautiful new app onto the Internet and app stores. Now you have the code to run your mobile health app and continue to fulfill your mission. It’s in the nature of the mobile stores and the software to be ever-changing, thus most of our clients choose to retain us as a long-term development partner with the appropriate qualification to support the application and make improvements over time.

Our healthcare mobile app development services include addressing any bugs that arise, adding enhanced microinteractions for user engagement, building new features from the roadmap, and maintaining server health to handle growing user traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does every medical app need to be HIPAA compliant?

No, if your app does not imply sharing PHI (protected health information) with a Covered Entity (doctor’s offices, psychologists, insurance companies, HMOs), you don’t need to follow the HIPAA rules to the letter. Although, some common-sense security should still be in place.

How do you build a successful healthcare app in one go without wasting the development budget?

We recommend starting with rapid prototyping, i.e. preparing an interactive prototype of the application to gauge user feedback and see if it offer an engaging user experience, etc.

What are some shortcuts to quickly developing a telemedicine app?

Use off-the-shelf tools:

  1. TalkBox or Agora for secure p2p messaging and calls
  2. Cronofy or Acuity for calendar booking
  3. DoseSpot or MDToolbox for e-Rx integrations
  4. Aptible for HIPAA Compliance-as-a-Service

Hit us at https://topflightapps.com/request-proposal to learn more

What is a single most often overlooked thing during IoT medical app development?

IEC compliance (technical standards for medical devices) is a must if your health application will work with a peripheral medical device to gather and transfer user data.

SectionHow do you quickly integrate a health app with Epic EHR/EMR?

You can use the Epic USCDI on FHIR API to access Epic data from a provider-facing medical app without any charges being assessed to Epic customers. So, as a provider, you get to sync patient data from Epic to your health product for free.

How can I improve security in my health app?

Please consider implementing one of the following cybersecurity best practices:

  1. End-to-end AES 256 encryption
  2. User session time-out
  3. Role-based access rights
  4. Multi-factor authentication
  5. Add IEC 62304, ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2
  6. Of course, comply with HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and GDPR.

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