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We Build Healthcare Apps That Are Powered By Sensor Data

Since the emergence of the IoT, digital technology has become much more than servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices. Any “thing” can connect to the Internet now. The power to compute, store and transmit data has exploded out into the world. With the right IoT healthcare development partner, enterprise and SMBs can resolve the data captured from the IoT to find new solutions to old problems as well as discover uncharted opportunities.

We build connected web and mobile apps for Dermasensor, a healthcare
company disrupting how skin cancer is diagnosed and treated ($16.8m raised).

Actionable Data

The IoT has made it economically feasible to embed sensors and beacons in any device you can imagine and network them together to extract more data than ever before. Wearable sensors measure patients in real-time to save lives. Connected appliances reveal their inner workings to predict events before they cause unexpected and costly downtime. 

Revamped Efficiency

Topflight Apps will instrument your systems with inexpensive devices such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi. We will help you choose the right smart technologies and firmware, and connecting protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth. We can turn your building, factory, or medical devices into a smarter, more efficient, and responsive organization.

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Topflight Apps can build IoT solutions to gather fine-grained information from sensors. We will integrate this data with analytics and your database to extract the hidden health insights.  Partner with us to build software that delivers tremendous value to your enterprise and your end users’ quality of life.  

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Our industry-leading expertise and innovation in healthcare is why so many healthcare providers, software companies, and trailblazers choose us as their healthcare technology partner.

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