Rapid Prototype Design

How We Design Apps That Users Actually Want.

There’s no secret. Just years of experience. Rapid Prototype Design is how we’ve helped multiple startups raise money and build successful products.  

We take your vision and get into the shoes of your target customer to design an optimal User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) in the form of a clickable app prototype.  We then release this prototype into the wild to challenge our assumptions.  This is the most important part of our process, where we scientifically and objectively do user testing with your target market, analyze user feedback, and iterate on it until we’re convinced of product-market fit. 

In the end, you gain confidence that your app idea has traction, and you have hard metrics and user feedback to show investors.  With the final look and feel of the app locked down, you’re ready for development.

Price: $5000 – $9000


🔎 Formative research to establish hypothesis on user persona, pain points, goals

👆 Clickable UX wireframe in Sketch and Invision

💻 Up to 30 screens, clickable & interactive

🔏 100% ownership of design assets

📲 Clickable High-Fidelity, UI wireframe in Sketch and Invision

📊 Setup and execution of user testing and feedback

✌ 1 iteration based on user feedback

👩‍💻 Final developer review for feasibility and cost reduction

📈 Feature by feature development estimates 

Got a great app idea?

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