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The city of Boston, MA is unlike any other in the U.S; founded in the mid-1600s by English Puritans, Boston’s identity was established as a place where people create new identities with a passion for growth and learning. Thus, ever since Boston was started, the people there have been mentally fortuitous and passionate about their beliefs, willing to take risks to live a life they believe in. This mindset translated into a spark for the American revolution as well, and many many years later, it now hosts one of the most vibrant and engaging business ecosystems for new ideas and educational growth.

Growth, Passion, and Risk-Taking are core components of business in America and mobile development alike. That’s why our team of mobile designers, developers, and strategists are capitalizing on the opportunities available in the Healthcare and E-commerce landscapes, particularly in Boston. We believe in the improvement of patient-facing Healthcare, and in supporting practitioners through mobile development–often categorized as “Healthtech”.

Our experience in iOS and Android development ranges anywhere from mobile apps for patients to track their pain levels, to fitness apps connected to wearable health-tracking devices (like an Apple Watch), to medical claims reimbursement systems. We love to help the industry improve, and similarly, we love to improve alongside the great companies we continue to serve.

Providing the right care to people can be as simple as improving access to the right resources, and Topflight is ready to connect Boston business and health care by bringing solutions to the palms and pockets of Bostonians everywhere.

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Making Boston Healthcare Better through Mobile Apps

The healthcare industry is expansive but concentrated. Every aspect of healthcare requires specific knowledge and disciplined focus. Whether it’s patient care, research, private practice workflows, hospital infrastructure, or IT integration, there are deeply experienced specialists who continue to add value to the holistic healthcare market in the US. This is reflected by the amount of money that flows into Boston’s economy, as it has received the most N.I.H funding of any US city for 21 consecutive years.

As a team who specializes in healthcare mobile applications, we have depth of knowledge in user-focused design, data security to HIPAA compliance standards, EMR integration, FHIR, HL7, and wearable heath-tracking devices. Our goal is to leverage this experience to create the best healthcare apps available, changing the industry one line of code at a time.

Do our apps improve people’s health? No. Apps help people improve their own health. The goal isn’t to act as a replacement, it’s to provide better resources and improved experiences the lead to healthier lifestyles and improved patient outcomes. We build apps for data-visualization, infrastructure systems, patient-facing or physician-facing to give those doing the hard work an easier way to accomplish it.

Want to become a part of the Health  IT revolution? Let us know, we’d love to help.

Javascript App Developers in Boston

In Boston alone, there are over 120 Health IT and Digital Health companies. If you’re unsure of how many that is, well, it’s a lot!

This is impressive because to be a player in the space requires immense healthcare expertise as well as immense IT experience. Including one of the foremost languages needed to build dynamic and beautiful apps, Javascript, rated for the sixth-consecutive year as the most commonly used programming language by the very popular developer site, Stack Overflow. On top of having experience in Javascript development, we have a firm belief in hiring the best developers available, which means highly experienced, very professional, highly technical, and well-paid.

The difference between hiring high-quality developers, and the rest, means the difference between a great app and an app that might not even get finished. When you hire a high-quality team of developers and designers, including those that are experts in Javascript, you are getting the depth of experience in all aspects of system design, testing, and deployment to app stores.

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Best Medical App Developers in Boston

At Topflight, we recognize that Boston isn’t all Red Sox and Paul Revere—it’s a place that embraces differences and sparks revolutionary change. It’s a city that sees what others don’t, crafting comprehensive mobile solutions in healthcare and other industries that are certain to outlast the rest.

With leaders that come from a diverse background of founders, programmers, and designers, Topflight Apps is thus ready to pool its collective expertise in driving your mobile app’s success. Whether you’re looking to develop an app for Android, iPhone, or otherwise, our development aficionados are there to not only create but collaborate, making sure you’re as prepared as we are to handle the details of any technical issue that may arise.

That’s why our team takes such great pride in sharing your ideas and giving them a place to grow. We help new and established mobile enterprises gain traction and establish grounds to thrive for the long-term. As your trusted partners in the pursuit of sustainable and value-added mobile app development in Boston, Topflight Apps is willing to take risks, conscientiously applying our insight to critical industry gaps, regardless of trade.

Inspired by Boston’s energy for inclusive, sustainable development, Topflight has since begun gathering our own resources as they relate to code implementation, core data, and interface design to bring diversity to Boston mobile app development in the healthcare and enterprise industries.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Boston

What does it mean to be a top app development firm? Highly-rated, perhaps. But there is a different way of looking at the question of measuring a development firms’ rank. A better question to ask may be, who is the best app development firm for your project?

Unlike service providers in other industries, the needs and requirements for an app development project are highly specific. We take on each new project as its own unique circumstance because often it is. We engage in projects where someone needs healthcare specific technical qualities, we also engage in projects where we need to roll up our business strategy sleeves and develop a marketing plan and a design and development plan. Thus, when talking about the best app development firms, you must ask yourself what your project needs to be successful.

From a healthcare perspective, Topflight does offer a boilerplate strategy; we’ve worked on so many different platforms with patient and physician use cases, that our processes actually have a templated solution with HIPAA compliance baked in. Not all projects need the same features, but after working on successful projects for Cedars-Sinai, Merck, and Stanford, we have developed some industry-leading techniques to deliver the optimal solution architecture for healthcare apps.

Since our small beginnings serving Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, our development team has been advancing their capacity to create sustainable, ethical, and progressive applications that work with users. From design to development, testing through deployment, and scale thereafter, our team is there to help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Mobile App Developers in Boston

For those in the know, Boston is home to 25 hospitals and 20 community health centers. This means there is a lot of opportunity for HealthTech growth and implementation, which can be used as not only a hotbed of technological and medical advancements but an investment pool with tons of data and rapid testing opportunities.

Given that Boston’s healthcare and social assistance industries account for over 18% of total employment, there is a good chance that if you’re hiring someone in Boston, they have some experience in the healthcare industry. Not only that, but five of the ten largest employers in Boston are hospitals! Thus, there are so many people whose lives, both personally and professionally, could be positively impacted by the growth of technology and app development in the area.

The scope of impact with healthcare is greater than just hospitals. We understand that it can take the form of many different platforms which we have direct experience in; fitness, health-tracking, finances, personal health data, dietary apps, and much more. In fact, there are more than 12,000 life sciences jobs in Boston across research, development, and manufacturing, and with every new job, there is a new opportunity to create tools that will help people perform at their highest level while enjoying what they do.

The Topflight Approach

As the global medical community shifts its focus toward creating better measures for patient satisfaction and quality of care, it is important that mobile developers continue to put the client first, opening themselves up to the industry they’re trying to disrupt. In e-commerce, too, movements toward providing definite, ethically diverse solutions to innovation bottle-necks are changing the overall mobile market. That’s why Boston’s best healthcare and e-commerce companies have welcomed Topflight Apps with open arms, trusting us to evolve their capacity for safety and security as they administer client care practices to those citizens calling Boston home.

Still, Topflight Apps isn’t just a “one kind of thing” development company. At the same time that we provide local enterprises with industry-seasoned data-science and machine learning app development solutions, we are able to help national corporations co-exist alongside successful home-grown initiatives setting the stage in Boston. It is through these efforts that we continue to help e-commerce and healthcare professionals alike align their market strategies with competitive mobile analyses, ultimately working collaboratively to invigorate Boston’s overall digital growth.

Functioning within this unity, our mobile development leaders are looking to help you reinvigorate your vision for mobile, allowing you the freedom to target (and then disrupt) your individual market. We encourage the advancement of the very companies who trust us with their ideas for the future and have sourced the very best in global talent to help guide you on your journey to mobile application victory.

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Securing Data, Meeting Compliance, and Building to Scale

Boston entrepreneurs are known for their ability to take risks; they’re the imaginative creators willing to free the reigns of today’s digital revolution to create the very best in creative mobile app solutions. But even though they knowingly take punches for certain decisions with higher risk, business leaders prioritize keeping their clients safe and secure.

That’s why our in-house developers, designers, and programmers have become safety, security, and analytics experts in the areas of health and ecommerce—two budding marketplaces facing mobile advancement risks surrounding communication, accessibility, and confidentiality. At Topflight, we support your digital aims safely and securely, working as co-creators in the design and deployment of your future mobile application to ensure your users are never at risk.

It’s up to the business leaders to ask the right questions that will unearth the areas where users might be exposed. This might mean asking whether their app will require encryption, or if they’ll be using Protected Health Information that needs to abide by regulatory health compliances. Whatever the question, Topflight can help answer and help deliver.

Since our inception, our team has put the safety and security of our users at the forefront of our technical process. In fact, we’ve even built Quality Assurance processed tailored to assess data protection and system security and are ready to test your app’s functionality at every level.

Boston, We Want to Hear From You

On streets lined with historic buildings and the best pizza in the US, Boston business-goers share a proud disposition that has trickled into the city’s innovation landscape. Bolstered by an atmosphere of optimism and growth, Topflight’s fresh perspective and collaborative mindset are sure to align with Boston’s technological advancements.

In fact, when you work with Topflight, you’re not reaching out to a detached corporation with little investment in your success — we are your far-flung neighbors and friends to the west, and we are enthusiastic about guiding your vision for Boston mobile application development while maintaining total transparency every step of the way.

In short, we are here; and we want to hear from you! Whether you’re just thinking about creating an application for your business, or if you’ve outlined a few solutions aims that you’re keen on soundboarding, our developers are excited to hear your ideas. It’ll only take a minute, and we can promise you’ll feel better for it.

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