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Custom Mobile App Development Services

Custom mobile development is unique, just like San Fransisco.

Take the Golden Gate Bridge, for example. It isn’t like every other bridge in America, in fact, it’s famous because it’s unique and stands apart in style and grandeur. We see our clients and their business’ in a similar way when approaching custom development; needing uniquely crafted solutions different than any other competitor in their industry.

It’s a very important factor to consider with web/mobile development. When you have an idea for your business that you’re ready to invest in, you are likely betting on the success of the idea changing your business from what it is now to what you want it to become. We are the team that builds the bridge between now and tomorrow through high-quality custom design and development.

Our specialty is listening to our client’s ideas, then materializing them into designs, and implementing those designs through custom apps. Not every idea will make you a millionaire, or get your company bought out, but the proper handling of your idea could be what separates your business from everyone else in your competing industry.

At Topflight Apps, we will help you identify the points of your business where we see an app will provide the most value, and turn your web/mobile idea into a reality for your business. Let’s build that bridge together.

Cross-platform, iOS and Android Mobile App Development

A German man walks into a bar, and sits next to a Mexican man.

Neither of them can understand the other, as they both speak different languages. However, after realizing that both are fluent in sign language (and a couple pints later), they’re happily engaged in sharing stories from their past.

This is a crude illustration of cross-platform development. Although neither person is able to speak the native language of the other, they are able to use a common language to communicate effectively with one another, although they might not be communicating at the same level of detail that native languages provide.

Topflight Apps excels in cross-platform development for iOS and Android apps. The beauty behind this practice is the ability to develop applications with a singular codebase, thus both apps can be written at the same time which cuts costs and timeline while getting your product to market faster.

We have helped our clients advance forward on tight schedules and within budget using cross-platform development on numerous occasions. The result; gorgeous, scalable systems that offer all functionality which was required, and is less expensive!

Let us know if you’d like to understand how cross-platform development can benefit your project.

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Topflight Specializes in Improved Patient Outcomes and Consumer Health

In order to work in the telemedical healthcare industry, you must genuinely prioritize the user both in terms of outcomes and design.

When an app is built for business, the goals are usually profit-based. When an app is built for healthcare, profit is dependent on improved health. Thus, we design our apps for patients and physicians to be easy-to-use, informative, and provide value to the user’s over well-being.

Mental health, physical health, and fitness are all important emerging verticals in the healthcare app space. Consumers and patients alike can now use their phones and wearable technology to track their fitness habits and enter information on how they’re feeling to get valuable feedback and suggestions on lifestyle improvements as well as specific treatment options.

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If you have an idea or a business that is looking for an app solution to improving the healthcare of patients and consumers, then give us a call, and we’ll let you know how our previous experiences building apps for enterprise medical providers can apply to your project.

Why Hire Specialized iPhone Developers in San Francisco?

The first and foremost reason to hire any specialist is that you have a specialized request! iPhone development is no exception.

Specialized iPhone developers, like us at Topflight, are advantageous for a number of reasons. Technically, it’s because they’re able to write in the native iPhone language the best suits your app. With a native language, you can create a graphically beautiful and scalable app that will be easier to maintain in the future, thus it’s always the recommended choice among experienced developers!

But a specialist should offer more than just a keen coding ability.  Most firms advertise that they can do the technical development in order to deliver the application your business needs, but we’ve learned that building the right application for your business requires much more than just technical skill.

At Topflight Apps we are specialists not only in development but in turning your ideas into application designs. We join you in the process of identifying your pain points, designing the User Experience, and then lastly implementing this design using whatever technical specification we’ve determined is best for your application’s long-term success. And, of course, we stick around after launch to make sure your app scales and runs appropriately!

Clients and Reviews

App Design, QA and Scaling for Success

There’s always a conversation being had about development. But in the scheme of a fully-functional business or healthcare app, there is much more to talk about; your business goals, your users, how to test for success, and building for scale.

Apps are sometimes treated like cars; turn-key solutions to your business’ problems that can be purchased and driven immediately, without the thought of what happens after you drive it off the lot. But without planning for how you’ll maintain your car and make customizations to it when certain parts stop working as planned, you’ll have a tough road when it matters most; when your app begins to experience real usage by large consumer bases.

Instead of looking at your app as a purchase, look at it as an investment that you make alongside your software team. Choose a partner that will understand your business goals, help you decide on the right development technique that will pay dividends in the future and minimize risk, and plan for how to manage your software as your business grows and your app beings to scale up.

Topflight Apps excels in forming long-term partnerships with our clients because we plan how to design it appropriately, how to build it properly, how to test it for successful business outcomes, and finally how to help you maintain it over time.

Talk to us today to learn more about what our service entails!

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San Francisco App Developers Building the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare app development is becoming one of the most attractive investment opportunities available in tech, and San Fransisco is primed to take advantage.

As a top app developer on the west coast, Topflight Apps is pursuing to become one of the most experienced and highly-rated healthcare app development firms available.

Successful projects for clinics, hospitals, medical providers, and health-focused businesses are what train software companies on the idiosyncrasies of the industry. Specifically, apps that offer both a patient-facing use case for health tracking and a phyisican-facing control panel for viewing patient health is a model we have developed and mastered over several years of experience designing, building, and iterating on our process.

Companies like Cedars-Sinai, Merck, and Stanford have leveraged our skillset and technique to create gorgeous apps for their patients to use and physicians to test, track, and analyze the effectiveness of care. We hope to provide the entire west coast with optimal mobile solutions for patient/provider relationships.

App Testing and Standard Compliance for Patient Care

The healthcare industry is one which presents many opportunities and many challenges.

In San Fransisco, we have the opportunity to build the technology infrastructure now and reduce those future challenges while capitalizing on today’s opportunities. All the while, aiming to improve patient outcomes and elevate the healthcare offered to people across the nation and beyond.

When building an app for a healthcare solution, there are many areas where security and compliance are highly important. Finding a development company who understands and has experience going through the process is crucial to app success and maintaining a secure platform for your patients and your practice.

Although testing comes in many forms, the most popular being technical testing for software functionality, we have learned and embraced the reality that your app must also be tested for business use. Although an app may be logically sound, will it perform the desired business case when deployed to the market? That’s a question we want to answer before calling a project complete.

The best way to find out if your app will succeed is by defining what success means for your app in terms of the value it provides to your users and your business, then putting it in the hands of the users and measuring the results. It’s a process we plan to go through with all of our clients, and thus plan the project lifecycle accordingly at the beginning of the project.

Looking for an app-based solution to your healthcare business, and want to learn more about how to develop a successful app? Let us know, and we’ll talk about what you need and what you don’t to identify how an app could produce the most value.

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Experienced App Developers in San Francisco

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If you’ve come to San Fransisco to look for app developers, you’ve come to the right place. It’s no secret that Northern California houses some of the best app development firms in the world.

The question becomes, which company or team is the right fit for you and your project? It all depends on what your goals are and what type of team you’re looking for. If you’re already looking in San Francisco, chances are you’re looking for a stateside firm and an experienced one at that.

Our experience as a team expands through healthcare and e-commerce, through mobile and web solutions, starting with ideation and ending with scale. We help you design your app based on your business needs, implement your app through robust coding practices, test your product, and deliver it to your users.

At Topflight Apps, we work with clients who are looking for long-term partnerships in development, from ideation to design, and implementation through support. Our team works to grow your business, solve your problems, and create top-notch products.

Contact Topflight, Get Your Idea Out There and Develop With Us

So what steps do you expect to take moving forward? Well, you need to find a software company that you think can provide the skills you need, and have a conversation about your goals. Then, determine whether or not they are suited for your project by looking at past projects and reviews.

At Topflight Apps, we like to let our clients speak for us.

Gratefully, we maintain a 100% positive review on clutch.co, and Facebook. Our history as a web design team as well as our individual efforts in building and launching businesses really help solidify our place as one of the top app developers for full-service design and development.

Not all teams offer both, and not all teams offer the same experience with integrating your app into your target market. We’ve developed over 125 apps for companies such as Merck, Stanford, McDonald’s, and many successful smaller businesses and startups.

The process involves identifying the pain points most vital to success, designing a solution that solves these pain points, testing it with an MVP, and building a flexible app prepared to scale.

We start every project by asking what your goals are. So, what are yours?

Learn how to build winning apps.

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