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Solve M.E. is the largest US non-profit organization fighting myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), a neurological disease, commonly referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Solve M.E. envisions a world free of ME/CFS and seeks to engage the entire patient community in research to make the disease diagnosable and treatable.

3 quick facts about CFS:


of patients are not diagnosed

us $17 to $24b

annually in lost productivity and direct medical costs


the cause of the illness is unknown

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Patient Registry

Topflight Apps joined forces with Solve M.E. to build the largest ME/CFS registry that brings together patients, researchers, and the company’s experts.

The registry’s goal is to gather a massive patient data set and empower further research on ME/CFS. Here’s how we made that idea a reality. 

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ME/CFS affects an estimated 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans

At least 25% of patients are bedbound or housebound and up to 75% are unable to work or attend school.

Symptoms can persist for years, and most patients never regain their pre-disease functioning.

ME/CFS affects 800,000 to 2.5M Americans

Health Data Bank

To get the patient data flowing into a data bank, we first had to engage people diagnosed with ME/CFS. To achieve that, we built a web portal with straightforward onboarding that takes participants through an informed consent & onboarding questionnaire.

Once onboarded, users can hop in and out of surveys that fit their profile while the app saves their progress. Besides responding to surveys, participants can also submit their health conditions, surgeries, and past or ongoing treatments and medications.

Survey dashboard

COVID-19 tracking feature

Complete user profile

Auto-assigned clinical criteria for participants

Symptom Tracking Mobile App

To make the registry’s user experience even more captivating and rewarding, we developed a mobile symptom tracking app. We knew firsthand that a mobile app would be a perfect tool to input and track users’ health data.

Participants use the app to add symptoms, treatments, life events, activity levels, and overall wellness. The app then visualizes this data to help them better understand their health trends.


Web Portal for Registry Managers

The ME/CFS registry works in tandem with a web app for Solve M.E. employees. That’s where all surveys and questionnaires (with advanced, branching logic) are created and managed.

It took us a few rounds of UX/UI updates to craft an intuitive working environment for the company’s managers so they can easily operate the registry.

Manage participants, surveys, questionnaires, and admins

Track a log of all admin actions

Web Portal for Researchers

Finally, we’re developing a web portal for independent researchers and organizations seeking treatments for the disease. The portal will provide researchers with aggregated, de-identified patient data from the registry.

informed and individualized consent from users

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Since protected health information (PHI) was the core of the platform, we had to ensure complete HIPAA compliance of the registry and mobile companion app. Therefore we focused on creating secure architecture using a cutting-edge tech stack and cybersecurity best practices.

informed and individualized consent from users

Tech stack


Web apps front-end

Mobile app

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Node.js, AWS, AWS Cognito, MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, SSL, React.js, React Native, Redux, “Charts” library, React-native-calendars 


Solve M.E. is on its way to garnering the most extensive data set on ME/CFS, which will inevitably lead to new discoveries in diagnosing and treating the disease. Topflight is happy to help the company grow the registry with more powerful features to get us there faster.

Cross-platform mobile developmentt

Advanced cybersecurity to protect PHI

Rich data visualization for web and mobile

Intuitive, frictionless UX/UI

User journal

Smooth data entry


Create and schedule emails for participants based on their activity

Search and export responses based on advanced filters

anonymized patient data

two-factor authentication

data encryption at rest and in sync

no PHI data in platform messages

anonymized patient data

two-factor authentication

data encryption at rest and in sync

no PHI data in platform messages

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