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Teledentistry Software Developers

With many dental offices closing in the wake of COVID-19 and only accepting patients with emergencies, teledentistry software has become the primary solution to provide remote dental care.

Developing a custom teledentistry solution today will put you on the front lines of oral health in the post-COVID-19 world, helping you use your dentists’ and specialists’ clinical skills efficiently.

Explore the full potential of teledentistry software with our healthcare app development services. Topflight Apps builds teledentistry solutions that include so much more than video calling.

We’ll build a custom app tailored to your needs: secure messaging and imagery sharing, treatment plans, patient history, spaces for educating patients and collaborating with colleagues, and more.

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Why Teledentistry Software

Teledentistry software helps practices and hospitals address three main challenges common to practicing dental care.

Offer remote dental care

Dentists use teledentistry applications to perform screening, consulting, triaging, and prescribing procedures. Besides, they can turn to teledentistry to minimize the time required for an in‐person visit during the COVID-19 crisis.

Provide collaboration tools

Teledentistry software allows dentists to communicate with their peers and other healthcare specialists, securely sharing patient data, including notes, photos, and videos — to come up with an optimal treatment plan.

Instant referrals

While typical referral programs may result in lost or delayed patient data and require additional efforts, an instant video consultation via a teledentistry platform will help to establish a connection with patients and encourage them to book a meeting.

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Teledentistry Software Development Best Practices

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Real-time and asynchronous

Teledentistry shines at its best with real-time video consultations that allow dentists to carefully examine patients and collect data before putting together a treatment plan. At the same time, asynchronous communication with patients at a distance and store-and-forward features help dental practices to organize their patient scheduling better.

Integration with ecosystem

A fragmented software ecosystem can lead to unnecessary repetitive steps. Therefore teledentistry software we develop at the minimum integrates or includes modules for managing dental appointments, patient health records, personnel scheduling, and billing. This approach helps optimize the way dental practices run their business.

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Mobile teledentistry

A healthcare app for patients requiring dental care can be a real lifesaver, allowing them to get an evaluation from their dentist while at home or when traveling. And though this mobile technology has natural limitations to being used by dentists because of relatively small screens, they can use mobile apps to exchange opinions on the go.

Patient-facing portal

What can reinforce the patient’s habit of relying on teledentistry software is an enhanced patient portal. Such a web application can hold exam results, educational materials, an archive of recorded consultations, and everything else patients can revert to at their convenience. The resulting user experience strengthens the patient-doctor relationship.

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building telepharmacy application

HIPAA compliance

We build teledentistry apps that support rich messaging with image and video sharing. What matters most is that we keep data encrypted during transactions and at rest. So regardless of whether it’s doctors and patients chatting via a patient portal or medical staff discussing the treatment plan on the back end — PHI remains safe.

Internet of dental Things

Remote dental care becomes even more effective when a specialist, e.g., a dental hygienist, is equipped with an intraoral camera on-site. The imagery is streamed to a dentist in real time as a video or high-resolution photos. Not so widespread, there are also teeth implants and 3D scanners that can work with teledentistry software.

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Must-Have Teledentistry Software Features

As with any telehealth solution, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing teledentistry software. Depending on your dental practice’s needs, we’ll craft the unique teledentistry experience that will position you as a leader in providing remote dental care. Here are some high-level must-have features to consider for your teledentistry services.

Enhanced Usability

  • appointments by type of consult
  • educational info about oral hygiene
  • messaging with photos and videos
  • dentist availability from any device
  • accessible preventive dental care


  • cloud-based treatment planning
  • store-and-forward imagery
  • remote triage and screening
  • internal chat with colleagues
  • consolidated reports


  • HIPAA compliance
  • patient data encryption
  • role-based access to the system
  • automatic patient data backup
  • secure payments via credit card

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Although it would be great to start a project having every step completely mapped out, it’s rarely realistic. That’s why we have a process to start lean, iterate fast, and adapt to unexpected challenges to find and maintain market traction.

How We Develop Teledentistry Software

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Product Discovery Stage

Before we start the development of teledentistry software, we make sure that we’re creating an application that helps you reach concrete business goals. We build a mockup version and use it as a visual guide to the teledentistry app we’re developing. Our engineers scrutinize multiple technology variants and come up with the most appropriate option for long-term use. In addition, the team analyzes available APIs, SDKs, and libraries to identify legit workarounds to the rapid implementation of the software.

Deliverables: SRS, range estimates.


While the majority of companies immediately jump to the development phase once the discovery is over, our team instead starts working on a prototype. The prototype is basically a low-fidelity version of your teledentistry software, with a minimum of decorative elements. Its purpose is to let us iterate on the app and select the features for the final version of the product. The development team joins this stage too and helps spot potential technology issues. They need to verify that the prototype of your teledentistry app is feasible.

Deliverables: Invision prototype.

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designing pharmacy app

Design Stage

Once the prototype’s UX has been set, it proceeds to our designers, who add the magic and turn the app into an engaging eye-candy. The team designs the app’s UI (from fonts to special effects to animations, etc.) By this stage, we already have all the main graphical elements of the app ready, including icons, color branding, and other visual artifacts that help translate the intent of your health app to patients. In a nutshell, at this stage, we polish the UI of your teledentistry software.

Deliverables: UI design files, Invision-based prototype.

Development & Coding

This stage is when we begin to actually build the teledentistry app using all the parts we’ve worked on prior to that. Our developers, led by a product manager, start piling up lines of code using Agile principles. They divide all development tasks into sprints, and as they go from one sprint to another, the development of features remains completely transparent. As a result, you always know current progress on the project. Each two-week sprint ends with the product manager holding a meeting with you to demo the beta of your teledentistry software and report on the progress.

Deliverables: app code, beta versions.

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QA starts right after the first sprint and goes on throughout the development process. Our development team prepares unit tests, and testers scrutinize all app’s features one by one. Besides, we arrange beta testing of your teledentistry app with your customers to verify that the app works according to the specifications. We then check every possible minutiae in the software, e.g., typos, bad links, branding, responsiveness, loading speed, and and many other things that usually get little attention.

Deliverables: code, production-ready teledentistry software.

Product Launch

Finally, it all comes down to deploying your teledentistry software to a production server and the app stores. In addition to the production version of the application, you also get its code and compiled apps. Since web and mobile technologies never stop evolving and there pop up new engaging features, many of our clients prefer to partner with us long-term. We maintain the developed software adding new functionality and support for the latest OS versions.

We’re ready to address any issues, elevate user engagement with micro-interactions, develop new features from the product’s roadmap, and maintain the back end to handle increasing traffic.

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