Let’s Work Together to Beat Covid-19

Before I started Topflight, I was a founder of a patient-matching web app.  The driving motivation came about from a personal bout with an illness that the healthcare system had no answer for.

We created this platform to connect patients that were each DIY-ing treatment. It was a controversial site, but by taking matters into our own hands instead of waiting for the government or big healthcare to solve our problem, we literally saved lives.  This experience has largely defined Topflight’s culture of helping solve the hardest problems we can find.  

At this very moment, every single human on this Earth is facing an unprecedented social, health, and economic future. But I challenge you to see the opportunity that exists in rising above the problems which bring all 7.8 billion of us together today more than ever before.

As we continue to push forward, people and businesses will adapt. Overnight, complete industries previously a novelty, like grocery delivery app “Instacart” and neighborhood posting site “Nextdoor”, are now lifelines for millions. Telehealth is the only option for many with non-severe medical conditions as more doctor’s offices shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We believe we’re stronger when working together, so we’re dedicating our full resources the only way we know best: designing and developing MVPs that connect and inspire better, healthier lives. We’re looking for motivated people with great ideas to push our communities forward and past this crisis. We’ll bring our proprietary knowledge around functional MVP development using existing building blocks, our full team and resources, and serious marketing power and connections to the table.  See the full list of product categories we’re focusing on.

If you’re working on a venture that will help solve the Covid-19 crisis, apply below and we’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

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