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Building the Future of Neurological Care

Today, neurological disorders are the leading source of disability on a global scale. Yet, according to WHO and the World Federation of Neurology, proper neurological care is still not accessible to many of us due to the scarcity of qualified resources. Our teleneurology app development services will redress this imbalance.

We help neurologists connect to patients and peers wherever they are to deliver quality neurological care and assistance, regardless of the distance or disability barriers. The teleneurology apps that we develop respect the special needs often associated with neurological disorders and streamline the user experience for patients of all ages. At the same time, specialists get robust functionality to sustainably deliver patient-centered care.

Our teleneurology software development services cover the whole spectrum of related disciplines: telestroke, tele-epilepsy, teleradiology, pediatric teleneurology, chronic neurological care, and mental health.

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Why We Develop Teleneurology Apps

Teleneurology systems reduce the cost of teleneurology care delivery, make it more accessible, and improve communication between providers. We build teleneurology apps that establish better-organized workflows, stimulate accurate prehospital assessment, support easy outpatient monitoring, and improve psychosocial support.

Telestroke Care

One area of teleneurology from which we draw inspiration is telestroke that has already become mainstream. Telestroke apps empower remote neurologists to care for patients with acute stroke in satellite clinics and mobile CT-equipped ambulances. We firmly believe that modern technologies have the potential to bring over the rest of neurology care, including chronic and mental care, to mainstream practice.

Improved chronic care

Telemedicine neurology apps have already been proven to be feasible in the evaluation of movement disorders, headache, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and remote sleep assessments. Such conditions as autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, or sclerosis can specifically benefit from remote consultations when a patient is preferred to stay at home.

Unchained Neurology Expertise

As teleneurology applications connect neurologists to local clinics, more educational opportunities arise for local physicians and these apps increase their capacity to treat complex diseases.

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Types of Teleneurology Apps

Depending on the intended target audience and business model, we can develop various types of teleneurology applications. They will always come in the form of web and mobile solutions.

Cloud Teleneurology Platforms

We develop web teleneurology apps that are platform-agnostic and, therefore, don’t require significant investments in existing infrastructure. All your personnel and patients will need is a web browser.

Cloud technologies powering teleneurology platforms allow for seamless implementation of synchronous (live) and asynchronous systems of communication. Teleneurology portals securely store patient data, always accessible to patients and doctors.

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Mobile Teleneurology Apps

Mobile teleneurology applications not only take doctor-patient interactions to the realm of instant messaging. Smartphone and smartwatch apps pair up with web teleneurology platforms to feed them with patient data, helping create a so-called digital phenotype (an individual’s disease state based on her digital interactions).

When building mobile teleneurology apps, we make use of available sensors (such as GPS, accelerometer, or EEG reader) to enable more accurate remote assessment of different neurological conditions. For instance, the iFaint app we developed leverages GPS to engage with users in the most appropriate places.

As a result, healthcare providers and patients get reliable teleneurology apps that extend neurological care beyond the clinic and encourage collaboration among neurologists.

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Our Focus in Teleneurology Apps

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Low-Latency Connectivity

Bridging the gap between doctors and patients is the primary function of any teleneurology app. Our team relies on time-tested video streaming SDKs and third-party libraries to build low-latency experiences for patients with neurological disorders. We develop teleneurology apps for one-on-one and group conversations, fully realizing that a stable connection is crucial for accurate diagnoses and treatment.

UX and UI Adaptation

Understanding your target audience’s needs will affect how useful the app will be. Will patients need enlarged controls to easier navigate around the app? Does a welcome tutorial seem like a nice-to-have or must-have feature? Will neurologists benefit from having patient data displayed to them in real time during a teleconsultation? Can a specialist schedule a follow-up e-visit using someone else’s calendar? We transform answers to these and many other questions into a seamless teleneurology app UX.

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Even though the HIPAA restrictions have been temporarily lifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic to enable remote healthcare delivery, we remain committed to developing highly secure, HIPAA-compliant teleneurology applications. This includes encryption of PHI data, adherence to FIPS 140-2 certified 256-bit standard, two-factor authentication, and many other cybersecurity countermeasures.


We will integrate your teleneurology app with the rest of your ecosystem, including EHR, invoicing, and practice management solutions, by using HL7 and FHIR data standards. Besides the seamless integration of a teleneurology app with the existing infrastructure, we can integrate it with third-party SDKs like DocuSign to simplify getting consent from patients or, e.g., with Calendly, to make scheduling a breeze.

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Cutting-Edge Teleneurology

Our telemedicine app developers use state-of-the-art technologies like virtual reality, machine learning, augmented reality, and AI to create life-changing experiences. Envision an AI-powered, smart sensor-enabled platform that’s assessing an individual’s condition non-stop notifying specialists in case of abnormalities or a chatbot that handles the routine of initial screening.

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What Sets Topflight Apart


Topflight Apps is different from other app developers because we are laser-sharp focused on building innovative healthcare apps. We believe that developing a top-notch teleneurology app takes a lot of niche expertise. That’s where we glean insight from you and combine it with our healthcare expertise.

We recognize that the healthcare space is chasing towards personalized, value-based care. Mobile and web teleneurology apps contribute to that by bringing together patients and doctors around the patient-centered care model.

Today’s teleneurology is still at an early stage, but there are definitely signs of rising adoption of such apps as patients demand more convenient care, and neurologists are looking for new collaborative models.

Transparency in Our Process:

How We Build Teleneurology Apps

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Prior to building a teleneurology app, we make sure that we’re developing an app that actually accomplishes your business goals. We begin with the app’s draft representation using it as a visual guide. Our team elaborates on the tech stack that looks most promising long-term. We also scrutinize available APIs, libraries, and SDKs that can push forward the development of your teleneurology app. Besides, we verify if it makes sense to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, or other cutting-edge technologies in your app.

Deliverables: spec documentation, range estimate for development.

UX Design

At the next stage, we go through a prototyping phase, unlike many other app development companies that go straight into development. The prototyping phase helps us come up with an optimal UX. The prototype is a rough, mock-up version of the teleneurology app, with only foundation and carpentry. It allows us to iterate quickly and narrow down the list of features that will be added to the app. Our development team joins the stage to pinpoint possible implementation challenges and suggest alternative solutions so that we’re not “overdesigning” the app.

Deliverables: clickable Invision prototype

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UI Design

After we’ve defined the app’s UX, the prototype proceeds to our UI designers, who add the touch of magic that makes the app so engaging. Our team of UI designers realizes the actual graphic design of your teleneurology app. They already have all the necessary items: iconography, animations, color branding, and other visual assets that improve user engagement. At this stage, we focus on making your teleneurology app intuitive and easy to use for providers and patients.

Deliverables: design source files, animations, clickable prototypes.

Development Stage

By this stage, we have all we need to build out your app. The development stage is managed by a product manager according to the Agile principles. Our teleneurology app developers divide all tasks into bi-weekly sprints. Throughout the coding phase, we keep communications transparent so that you always know the current project status. Each sprint ends with you and the product manager holding a check-in meeting to update you on the app progress and demonstrate demo versions of the app.

Deliverables: code, app betas for testing in a development environment.

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QA Stage

During the testing phase, our QA team runs all sorts of tests on the app internally and externally. Even at the coding stage, our engineers add unit tests into code to automatically check for any new possible conflicts with previously written code. We also perform beta testing with end users to ensure that the teleneurology app is working as per the specifications. The QA engineers check for typos, malfunctioning links, security flaws, branding compliance, loading speed, and many other details that affect the customer experience.

Deliverables: code, compiled apps, customer-ready apps.

Launch to App Stores

The culmination is, of course, launching your app to the app stores. Besides the app itself, we also submit source code so that you can update the app in the future. That said, many clients prefer to enter into a long-term partnership with us for app maintenance and updates. We help our clients adapt their apps to major OS updates and advise on new features when an opportunity arises.

We will add any new features, monitor and scale up the app servers as its usage grows, and instantly fix any issues that might surface.

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