Idea to Prototype in 4 weeks

prototype design

Get your hands on user-focused, deeply
researched and tested prototypes so you can
develop cost effectively and with total confidence.


Save money knowing what works
before you start developing.

  • Know Your
    Market Fit

  • Optimize Your
    User Experience

  • Hands-on Online
    Prototype Interactivity

  • Customer Feedback
    and Improvements

"Topflight Apps built a high-quality
mobile platform in an impressively
short amount of time."

Gabe Punsalan, Founder of Betmingo

Turnaround time: 4 weeks

It‘s 10x cheaper to fix a design flaw while
prototyping than during development.

Here’s why…

Target Customer Profile

Designed for Your Target Users

Well-designed user experiences can boost conversion rates by up to 400%. Once we know who your target user is, we survey controlled groups to understand what they want most out of your product. We use this data to inform user flow and design choices to optimize customer retention.

information architecture

Rapid Wireframing Allows for Faster Testing

By focusing first on the information architecture, we can rapidly improve the User Experience so it’s structurally optimized and intuitively organized. This minimalist approach also allows us to engage test users early on and qualify all our design ideas with our developers.

User Testing: Design Validation from Real Users

It’s impossible to know what your users think without asking them. By testing a variable demographic we optimize design faster, pre-empty conversion issues, and ensure a solid foundation upon which to continue building.

Streamline Development with
Your Interactive Prototype

Access your final designs via Invision and send to stakeholders and developers fast. You’ll have access to the images and every screen created so you can work more efficiently with your team as you begin developing.

Streamline Development with Your Interactive Prototype
“They went above and beyond to
deliver a product that exceeded

Robert Williams
CEO, Athcorp

Invest in your prototype now,
save in development costs later.

  • Web, mobile, or tablet prototyping

  • Feature-by-feature estimates

  • 1 revision following user-tested designs

  • Protoypes shared in Invision

  • 100% ownerships of design assets

  • Cost reduction optimized

  • Reviewed by in-house developer

  • Final designs as Sketch files


• System diagram  
• Technology stack 
• User Journeys 
• Backlog of features
• Product roadmap 
• Wireframe Clickable prototype (10 screens, hourly rate for optional extra screens)
• High-Fidelity Clickable prototype (10 screens, hourly rate for optional extra screens)
• User testing with recorded videos and results 
• Final report outlining performance and recommendations for improvement
• 1 Iteration of each screen (up to 10, hourly rate for optional extra screens)  

Hourly Rate: $125

Price: $ 15,000 – 20,000

Timeline: 6 weeks

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