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Houston isn’t all oil and gas.

It’s a city full of strong business and even stronger people. After enduring natural disasters in past years, including the recent Hurricane Harvey, it is hard not to marvel at Houston’s ability to recover and prosper with life and community. In fact, this can-do attitude expands into the city’s corporate culture as well.

As of 2017, Houston has the 7th largest GDP in terms of it’s MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) which includes The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX, which is only one rank behind San Fransisco!

Although most people know Houston for its large oil and gas market, there are other areas which see significant growth and opportunity as well, including Healthcare, Biotech, and Aerospace. With all of the appeal Houston has to offer employees, being ranked by Forbes as the #3 city for biggest paycheck worth, there are many other elements to the economy and the culture which are advancing rapidly in these peripheral industries.

One of the first and foremost is healthcare, led by the Texas Medical Center which sees over 8 million patients every year (as of 2016). Like many cities housing a vibrant and growing workforce, Houston works hard to make sure its residents experience a wealth of opportunities and a high standard of living.

At Topflight Apps we work for the people in the community by designing elegant and user-friendly apps that help to perform daily activities in work and life, and benefit businesses by delivering full-cycle app services to design, build, and scale your applications to launch your business into burgeoning marketplaces within Houston and beyond.

How to Choose Mobile App Developers in Houston

Choosing a team to design and build your app can be a daunting task! There are many factors to consider, and it can be difficult to prioritize which elements are critical to the success of the project, the success of the app, and the success of the relationship.

We recommend always starting with your ideal communication goals and business goals. What do you want your partner to look like from a strengths and weaknesses perspective, and what problems do you want them to try and solve? When you speak to a team with whom you are vetting, do they communicate in a way that aligns with your expectations, or does their focus seem to lie elsewhere? Will they be your go-to team for the duration of your project, or will they be involved only for a short period of time?

At Topflight, our team considers themselves as your trusted partners and ethical digital practitioners in the pursuit of responsible and value-added mobile app development, staying with you every step of the way–from development to deployment.

Whether you’re looking to develop an app for Android, iPhone, or otherwise, our development gurus are there to not only create but collaborate, making sure you’re as equipped as we are in handling the details of any mobile issue you may face. With team members that come from a diverse background of founders, programmers, and designers, Topflight is ready to pool its collective expertise in driving your mobile app’s success.

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Ethical Health Care App Development in Houston

As we move into the next decade of digital advancement, the health care industry is beginning to embrace new tools for enhancing overall patient experience. From wearables, to diagnostic solutions, to remote monitoring products, innovative solutions for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating illnesses are being put directly into the hands of Houston’s patient-consumers.

That’s why our healthcare app developers in Houston care so much. They are drawn to creating real and usable digital health care solutions that will put new capabilities in the hands of physicians through practice management apps that engage with patients via telemedicine, patient portals, or surescripts.

Hoping to improve patient-provider interactions at every level, Topflight Apps will thus continue to design and develop responsible and sustainable web and mobile applications in healthcare. Together, we can help contribute to Houston’s overall biotechnology landscape, developing health care applications that will not only account for the burdens of security, privacy, and compliance, but also give patient-users more control over their health.

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Evolving Houston Mobile Health Care Innovation

In this era of value-based healthcare, the importance of patient satisfaction and quality of care measures are critical. In e-commerce too, movements toward providing ethically diverse, tangible solutions to health care bottle-necks are changing the overall mobile landscape.

Backed by a growing research community at the University of Houston’s HEALTH Research Institute, as well as the Texas Medical Center’s sustained investment in elevating Houston as a biotechnology hub, Houston’s top medical practitioners are looking to make a sustainable impact through responsible mobile app development. That’s why Houston’s best in health care have welcomed Topflight Apps with open arms, trusting us to evolve their already comprehensive and research-oriented mindset for health.

Want to make a difference in Houston health care? Share your vision for medical mobile innovation with Topflight App’s enthusiastic Houston health app developers—we’re the knowledgeable, ethical, industry-minded partners your enterprise is looking for.

Hire a Mobile App Developer in Houston Now

Time is of the essence.

As it goes with most business opportunities, waiting to act will get you nowhere other than behind your competitor. With App Development, this is especially true. However, that doesn’t mean you need to skip the important details before starting a project. There are highly important factors to consider like cost, timeline, and long-term suitability. The prospect of doing it fast while being patient enough to do it right can be daunting.

That’s why–when approaching a web or mobile project–you should consult with a team that understands the process from start to finish. At Topflight Apps, we take your ideas and combine them with your goals, materializing them into realistic app solutions, and acting as much as your consultant as we are your development partner.

Do you have an idea for an app? Let’s test it. Is there a pain point in your e-commerce platform that you’d like to leverage an app to solve? We’ll help you identify how an app can be strategically aligned to add value to your enterprise.

What’s more, we are a specialist’s hub: you won’t have to go looking for different planners, designers, and developers for one project: we have them all under one roof, and they’re all available to help consult on your project, delivering results on time, and within your budget.

Although many projects come with new sets of challenges, we’ve seen many repeat issues and have established ways of approaching them. If you’d like to speak with us about our experience and how it may apply to your project, let us know!

Houston's Best App Developers

Similarly drawn to Houston’s biotechnological appeal both from a business and health care education perspective, Topflight Apps proudly offers premier services in healthcare and e-commerce app solutions to Houston-based businesses and non-profits. We believe that by building better mobile solutions for telemedical use by clinics and hospitals, as well as consumer-facing or internal apps for medium to large businesses, we can help the city grow naturally and fluidly.

By accommodating healthy lifestyles and better business practices, we aim to combine well-being with corporate culture and thus elevate Houstonians’ quality of life. Imagine: doctors taking a video chat from home while the patient takes the call from Cullen Park on an afternoon walk instead of coordinating schedules to support a small doctor’s office visit; business needs answered using a more robust CRM with AI-driven analytics that will ultimately help you perform better as an organization; or even a dashboard of data that you can view from your phone while walking your dog in Discovery Green. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Where do these ideas come from, you may ask? Experience! We’ve seen our clients (with big names like Cedars Sinai and Stanford) leverage the apps we’ve created for them and want to help Houston experience the same benefits of smart design and advanced technology. We want to discuss your best ideas (under an NDA, of course) and turn them into best-in-class web and mobile solutions.

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The Topflight Approach

At Topflight, our innovative mandate is to build applications that serve the collective aims that our internal leaders hold dear, which means engaging you and your clients in creating efficient and effective mobile app solutions suited to your individual market. We consider ourselves your personal, mobile “first-responders”- Helping the real first responders in Houston.

We specialize in e-commerce and healthcare solutions, but we aren’t limited to a “one kind of thing ” approach. All at once, our multi-disciplinary teams provide local and national enterprises with cutting-edge telemedical, consumer-facing, and machine learning app development solutions for all kinds of mobile platforms.

It is through these efforts that we continue to push our partners in Houston to deliver the iOS and Android solutions that address the most pressing issues in our economy and our society.

Operating within this unity, our mobile development leaders are always searching to expand the ways in which we encourage the advancement of those companies who have chosen to trust us with not only their ideas but their identities. With such high stakes, it’s no wonder we’ve sourced the very best in app development talent to help you stay afloat during the whirlwinds of the technological marketplace in a city with 140 high-growth startup tech companies with total venture funding of $1.3 billion.

Clients and Reviews

We Want to Hear From You

Topflight’s fresh perspective and collaborative mindset make approaching app challenges exciting—and sometimes, fun. When you work with Topflight, you’re not reaching out to some detached, cold corporation meant to make you feel small. We are your neighbors and friends seeking to improve our circumstances by elevating yours! Topflight’s team works alongside you to help create and test your mobile or web solution with the people it aims to serve.

In short, we are here; and we want to hear from you! The conversations we have with potential businesses looking to extend their reach or improve their services are what fuel our creativity and bind us within the great community Houston has to offer.

Houston’s best problem-solving businesses and entrepreneurs are taking aim at the world’s biggest issues of today. Topflight Apps is ready to take a chance on that success. Are you?

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