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Our Mission

To support nonprofits through subsidized software development and mobile app design. Topflight Foundation is made up of mobile application developers that can provide a full array of web services at a discount to not for profit organizations.

Focus Area:

Topflight Foundation is a group of mobile application developers committed to bolstering organizations with a particular focus on telemedicine – the deployment of medical services and products through information technology and telecommunication. Our expertise includes remote clinical care applications and supply chain management software for medical supply delivery. 

Case Example:

Advocates for World Health (AWH) is a not-for-profit corporation that recovers surplus medical products and distributes them to relief agencies working in developing nations, providing medical humanitarian aid and improving healthcare access in impoverished communities. Topflight Foundation recently partnered with AWH to oversee all aspects of their website – from server maintenance to mobile app design and development to landing page and SEO development.

Nonprofit Design and Development Services


Research and Planning

Before we develop any app, we want to understand your nonprofit’s mission and business model.  We research your stakeholders, what’s working in your particular niche, and ways to differentiate from leading providers in your space.  Then we write a story together about your value from the perspective of your target audience, to make sure your app delivers clear value to your audience and surpasses your nonprofit’s goals.

Wireframing and Rapid Prototyping

A well-designed and well-built app is only valuable if it engages your users. We use a concept called rapid prototyping to create an optimal user experience. The prototype is like a rough design draft, but it lets us iterate quickly and figure out what features bring the most genuine value to your users, and thus will make it into your Minimal Viable Product. During this time, we test our interactive Invision prototypes with your prospective customers and stakeholders.

Graphic Design and User Interface Design

Now that we have our design prototype locked down, we turn it over to our graphic and user interface designers who add the polish that makes it visually appealing. A polished user interface has long been documented to increase conversions.  Now we get to bring to life how your website or app will look and feel.  We add iconography, branding, and animation, leaving your users with an incredible user experience that they want to continually engage with.

Discovery and Estimates

We understand your nonprofit’s need to balance creativity with realistic constraints.  We try to find possible roadblocks within designs and suggest alternative ways of building. We investigate APIs and explore off-the-shelf solutions that could accelerate the pace of development. At the end of the discovery phase, we have a backlog of engineering tickets, along with high and low estimates for development so you can get budgetary approval.

Coding and Programming

This is where all of our previous work comes together.  You’ll have a dedicated product manager and team of developers coding the app to completion.  Coding is done in 2-week sprints, during which we discuss tasks and commit code to your nonprofit’s repository with total transparency.  At the end of each sprint, the product manager checks in with your main point of contact to give you a comprehensive update and demo on our progress.

Quality Control and Testing

We only deliver code that’s undergone quality control testing internally and externally. First we make sure the app passes our unit tests, which are automated tests that are written into the code.  Then we perform beta testing alongside your team, to fully ensure that the site is working the way we designed it. We check for typos, broken links, security, design compliance, responsiveness, speed, and any other potential pitfalls in the customer experience of your app.  By the end of this phase, your app is fully signed off on and ready to face real customers.

Launch and Support

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for: your new app is launched onto the Internet and app stores. We give you everything you need to admin your app and fulfill your nonprofit’s mission.  At this point, most clients choose to retain us as a long-term development partner to support the app as it faces new challenges and opportunities.  We can perform ongoing bug fixing, add sophisticated designs to boost user engagement, integrate new features from the product roadmap, and monitor the health and integrity of your servers as your user base grows.

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