The Best Mobile App Development Company in Chicago

Best App Developers in Chicago

Let’s get down to business, windy city. There’s so much to love about Chicago and the history it offers, but the people are the best quality; hardworking, honest, and ready to take a chance on something great. That’s why we love working with you.

After developing 125 mobile apps for clients such as Merck, McDonalds, The Cleveland Clinic, and Stanford, we have learned quite a bit about app development. Most importantly, to listen to what your clients say.

We bake it into every project from the beginning. Starting with identifying your goals and implementation plan with a discovery, then designing the experience of the app, to coding it all out, and finally helping you deliver it to your users. This includes anything from enterprise applications to non-profit services through our 501(c)(3) branch. This process has resulted in a 100% positive track record, from both Clutch and Facebook reviews. We’re thankful for every review we get!

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How to Hire App Development Companies in Chicago

Hiring app developers can be a difficult task, we know because we’ve hired over 20 of the best you can find to join our team. To help you, we wrote a checklist whitepaper on the topic, and you can download it by clicking on the “On Call” switch below.

The trick, like any project, is making sure the team or individual you’re hiring understands your goals and has the ability to execute on them. We’ve worked with start-up companies, large organizations, and everyday individuals with great ideas, and have learned that every project brings a new set of challenges. Luckily, our team is made up of professionals who live to solve problems and develop solutions to difficult challenges.

Send us a message about your project and where you place your values, and we’ll respond promptly letting you know how we can leverage our team to best fit your needs. Or click on the “On Call” button below for a guide on the process.

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Choosing a Mobile App Development Company in Chicago

The choice is yours, but how do you make it?

Start with your goals, budget, and timeline. If you communicate these properly and the team you’re vetting can prove their ability to deliver, you’re on the right track.

Then define the type of person you’d like to work with and project those qualities onto the team of people you plan on hiring. So how does Topflight work? Well, we value communication, timeliness, quality of work, and putting the user first.

How would you describe the type of person you’d like to work with? Leave us a note telling us the qualities you’d like to see most out of your Mobile App Development team!


Chicago's Leading iOS App Developers

If you’re looking for top iOS development in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place.

As a full-service product design shop, we develop iOS apps in many different ways, including ReactNative and native Swift. If you’re going for a highly graphical app with long-term maintainability, then native Swift is the way to go.

If you’re developing an app that is mainly functional over graphical, like for a mobile extension of an existing site or remote access to a parent system, then ReactNative is a good choice.

Not sure what the best choice for your app will be? Send us a note and we’d be happy to tell you what we think!

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Chicago's Leading Android App Developers

The lifeblood of app development is the spirit to create something special, and that’s how we approach every project we work on. In terms of Android, the possibilities are limitless.

Whether you’re looking to make an app for mobile phones, smart tvs, or wearable technology, we have the expertise to help you plan and organize your project correctly and then execute it accordingly. Some app companies promise perfection, but what’s really valuable in the app development space is a special blend of patience, ingenuity, and communication.

Android Developers in Chicago

Looking specifically for Android development? We have some techniques to leverage your app for an Android market and maximize effectiveness of your desired outcome.

The first technique is working hard to make sure we iron out your project goals. Before we even begin the process of developing your app, we engage in a discovery phase to pinpoint the main features and attributes of your app that will provide the most value.

With a team of over 25 experienced designers and developers totaling decades of experience in app development, we have our finger on the pulse of the market and will help guide your app in the direction of success, as it pertains to your goals specifically.

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iPhone Developers in Chicago

There’s something to appreciate about a well-designed and well-executed iPhone app.

We specialize in using the power and structure of iOS to scaffold your app on a seamless and secure platform that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a beautiful app that attracts users to it’s elegance, or a brilliantly analytical app that connects to an API network for delivery of AI-driven analytics, we have a formula for your success.

The main ingredient; experience building successful iPhone apps. Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll let you know how to achieve them!

Find App Development Companies in Chicago

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The search is on!

Finding the right team to help you with your iOS, Android, or any other app development efforts is a challenging process, especially if it’s your first time.

If you have your budget and scope well-defined, then the conversation should start by vetting a company’s ability to perform on time and on budget. If you are just at the concept stage, then it’s good to start having the conversation with a team to get an idea of what it will take to build your app.

We love having these conversations, and would be happy to field a call and start guiding you in the right direction!

Android and iOS App Development in Chicago

The growth of app development in Chicago has been great to see in the past few years (especiallly if you’re an app devlopment company!). For those looking to hire an app development team, the challenge becomes choosing the right partner.

We’ve seen competitors come and go, so we want to make sure our clients, or soon-to-be clients, are aware of the importance of choosing a partner who will be there for the long-run. As a team who does all of our design and development in-house, we’ve become accustomed to long-term relationships with both our team and our clients.

90% of our clients have continued their working relationship with us after a year, which makes us very happy! If you’re interested in a long-term partner who will plan your app for success over its lifetime, rather than just functional by the delivery date, we’d love to talk!

Learn how to build winning apps.

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