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QuartzClinical: Healthcare Precision Analysis using AI and Predictive Models


With QuartzClinical precision analysis, healthcare providers make better decisions. Every day.  Advanced technology like machine learning, hyper-accurate predictive models, and dynamic dashboards help providers achieve better outcomes. Our task was to design and develop a wordpress marketing web site that was inviting, informative, and helps convert visitors into customers.

  • Summary:
    Total Cost: 500 hours | Length: 4 months | Type: Rapid Prototype, Dev | MVP v1: 300 hours, 2 months
  • Platform:
  • Technology Stack:
    Linux, Apache, PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Twitter Auto-post


Our team began with an in-depth conversation with leaders in the company to get a clear understanding of their product, their target clients, goals for the website and their messaging.  That conversation led to insights about how best to present information in a way that will guide their visitors through a predictable journey of discovery, leading to better qualified leads for QuartzClinical.

We needed a way to show both the power of data and the humanity of healthcare in an accessible way.  The challenge was to present their company to best capture what their brand is all about. That is, making disparate and confusing data more clear. To speak in clear, understandable, yet educated language.

UI/UX Design

Our designers went to work with those insights and created a beautiful and functional design. QuartzClinical had a lot of content for their site and wanted to make sure that the new design was easy to read and comprehend for the user. We aired out the content and added a decent amount of white space so that the user can focus on one section of the page at a time.  This keeps it from being overwhelming and helps us guide the user down the page. We tried to shorten content whenever possible and add imagery to help better convey the information being presented. We used screenshots and unique illustrations the help break up the visual dominance of the content to help break up trouble areas for the eyes. The color palette was bright to help bring life and excitement to the pages. Clear calls to action to better serve the user.

Development Work

Starting with a clean WordPress installation and a blank template framework, the site was custom built from the ground up with attention to every detail.  With custom and iconic graphic images and shapes rendered on the page and designed to deliver, the finished website is achieving its purpose of guiding prospects from inquiry through conversion. 

To ensure a blazing-fast user experience, we collaborated with the company to add optimizations to get the gtmetrix pagespeed grade from an F to an A+, and reduced load time from 5 to 3 seconds.  These included minifying all the HTML, CSS, and JS, squeezed the images down using WP-Smush, making sure all the images were scaled properly, moving JS and CSS to the end of the file wherever I could, and combining some CSS together into a single file.


We finished the original scope of work on time and on budget.  We created a website that didn’t overwhelm the user and still allowed them to easily find the information they were looking for. Clear calls to action, a vibrant color pallet, a balance of white space, and easy to read content all combine to give us the great user experience we were looking for.

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