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Case Study: Lasik Dollars ReactJS Development

Lasik Dollars

Lasik Dollars is a customer sales funnel application and cost calculator for a world-renowned scientist and chief scientific officer of EyeVU, Dr. Ming Wang, M.D., Ph.D.  Dr. Wang has extensive experience in laser treatments for the entire range of vision disorders: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. His area of expertise includes scientific research and clinical care.

Development Work

Lasik Dollars is a sales funnel that attracts new customers and encourages them to step through a series of qualification questions and information gathering that leads them to action. Along the way, the prospect is educated about what Lasik is and how Dr. Wang is the ideal surgeon with whom they can trust their eyes.

Part of the customer journey includes a series of video clips that further demonstrate Dr. Wang’s qualifications and world-renowned stature in his field.  

We were engaged from the outset to create a unique application that was functional, fast, and beautiful.  Our development work involved not only the design and refinement of the user experience and interface but also a full stack implementation and delivery.



We utilized React and PHP to create the foundation of this application.  While the platform is tied to MySql on the back end for data storage, it has been built in a flexible way so that alternative data storage or web services can be added at any time, for scalability long-term and flexibility as the client discovers new ways to leverage the platform.


The roll out of Lasik Dollars will be part of the beginning of a new phase of Dr. Wang’s practice.  An Astigmatism calculator for doctors and practitioners is already under development and will futher solidify his place as a leader in the industry.

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