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RingRx: HIPAA Compliant Phone Systems for Healthcare


RingRX is a powerful cloud-based communication platform for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients. It focuses on communication issues facing healthcare professionals and their patients, providing a robust solution that addresses both patient needs and healthcare provider privacy requirements.


Total Cost: 500 hours | Length: 5 months | Type: Development | MVP v1: 300 hours, 4 months


Web, iOS, Android

Technology Stack:

Ruby on Rails, Ember.js

ringrx desktop

Development Work


RingRX is a powerful cloud-based communication platform for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients. TopFlight joined the RingRx development team ( when the first phase of the project was almost completed. Their internal team was having trouble wrapping up the first phase of the project for deployment. The Rails + Ember combination was producing some unexpected errors on the production level and we were able to help them figure out the issue and make the launch happen.

Our focus was on solving their persistent issues and improving the functionality of the application while ensuring that all healthcare compliance issues were addressed properly. We utilized high-level encryption among other measures to protect sensitive patient data. This allowed us to maintain 100% HIPAA compliance.

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After the launch, we added several new features such as:

  • Call Analytics, which aggregates and visualizes the call logs as charts and graphs
  • Extension Performance, which is similar, but the summarization is done on a tabular format.
  • Send Fax functionality for sending PDF/TTF files as faxes, adding a cover page to the sent faxes, logging the history of all faxes, adding outbox for tracking messages & faxes that are sent but not delivered, etc.

Our team completed other updates as well – auditing client IP addresses, styling updates, allowing different email formats to be logged in, sorting contacts by option, downloading extension performance as CSV, multi-recipient faxes, adding support page, permanent message deletion, sorting & searching contacts for sending faxes and so forth.

At all times our healthcare industry expertise was put to the test as we ensured that the application maintained patient privacy. We also focused on creating processes and user experience that would maximize patient satisfaction.


Rails is at the core of the project and we used ember-cli-rails for integrating Ember frontend with the Rails backend. The portal app talked directly to the engine API for fetching data, making calls, sending messages, etc.

building telepharmacy application

HIPAA Compliance

As with any application involving PHI (protected health information), we combed through our internal HIPAA Compliance Checklist to ensure we built this using compliant software design.  We added encrypted data transfer between the apps and server, encryption for data at rest, limited the personal data we collect, restrict user permissions, removing PHI entirely from push notifications, and hosted our servers within a HIPAA-compliant hosting environment.

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RingRX continues to improve its platform with the help of our team.  We started our engagement in April 2018, 4 months later we’ve put in 300 hours of churning out new code and refactoring old code to scale this into the future.  RingRX appreciates our extensive healthcare industry experience and the professionalism we bring to help them realize their vision of streamlining healthcare practices across the U.S.


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