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Small Business Lending AI: Web & Mobile App Development

Small Business Lending

Web and Mobile App Development, Machine Learning Development

The client is a serial entrepreneur with two successful startup exits, multiple patents, and 15 years of experience in IT ventures with a focus on cybersecurity and big data. We were engaged to build a machine learning powered web platform for SMB loan applications, risk assessment, and re-payment.  

We worked with the client from vision discovery and validation through the design, development and deployment phases. We built a proprietary risk-assessment neural-net engine that helped to assess loan application based on banking, accounting, and social media data.

  • Summary:
    Total Cost: 800 hours | Length: 6 months | Type: MVP
  • Platform:
    Web, iOS, Android
  • Technology Stack:
    ReactJS, Flask, Tensorflow & Pytorch, Paperspace GPU Instance, AWS EC2, AWS API GATEWAY, Docker
Developing process

Risk Assessment Neural Net Engine

The Neural Net Engine determines what maximum loan amount to offer small business owners, as well as what interest rate/loan fees to charge. The technology bases assessments on more than 90 inputs from banking, accounting, and social media information.

API Gateway

Microservices Architecture Web Application

We built the web application using React.JS & Flask. The app used microservice architecture to facilitate team scaling and infrastructure flexibility. We followed a test-driven development methodology with 100% test coverage.







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