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Today’s telemedicine is on the brink of a historic breakthrough. Since the COVID-19 pandemic telemedicine website development has been top of mind for many healthcare providers. Telehealth web solutions allow clinics, hospitals, and private practices to balance the load on overburdened medical personnel, cater to a wider audience, and lower the barriers to healthcare services for the general public.

Topflight Apps is a telemedicine website development company that has been crafting telemedicine websites, such as teledermatology and patient portals, long before the outbreak.

We’ve also had a head start with implementing artificial intelligence,  IoT integrations, and machine learning in telehealth applications.

If you are looking to develop an innovative telemedicine website to improve people’s lives, we’re happy to offer our decades’ worth of experience in healthcare web app design and development.

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Why Telemedicine Websites Matter


Telemedicine websites make a difference practically in every medical specialty. From teledermatology to telepsychiatry, telemedicine web apps enable virtual healthcare for people in rural areas, for fragile senior populations, for patients with special needs.

Of course, in the current settings, telemedicine website development has become a priority for many healthcare organizations. Providers are looking for solutions that will help them to not only address present demand spikes but that will become a long-term alternative.

Topflight offers telemedicine website development services that are HIPAA-compliant and extendable for the companies looking to build the medicine of the future.

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Key Aspects of Telemedicine Website Development

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When you build a telemedicine website, you want to make it available to as broad an audience as possible. That’s why we recommend implementing a responsive layout that makes your telemedicine portal accessible on mobile devices and desktops.


Low-latency is key to ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted experience for doctors and patients while on a video call. Topflight telehealth site developers can integrate tools like Agora SDK or build a custom WebRTC solution to make your telemedicine website accessible even on slow connections.

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Our telemedicine development team builds secure HIPAA-compliant web applications. PHI in these apps is protected with encryption, data anonymization, and other cybersecurity best practices. Our telehealth website development services include compliance with HITECH, GDPR, and other regulations.

Ease of use

Another aspect worth special attention when building a telemedicine website is UX & UI. The telemedicine website design should adapt to patients’ and medical staff’s needs. That often means focusing on the fine detail like not having video on by default for camera-shy patients or enabling virtual backgrounds for doctors. Our telehealth website design services effectively cater to both audiences.

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building telepharmacy application


We integrate telemedicine websites with EHR or EMR to let doctors or their assistants easily edit PHI. Besides that, such cloud apps usually need to work with e-signature, patient scheduling, and billing software. Topflight also handles IoT integrations when a telemedicine solution needs to read data from a medical device.


One of the commonly overlooked things in telemedicine website design services is an admin portal for the management where they can fine-tune a telemedicine website’s settings and get reports for evaluating the effectiveness of the telehealth web app: total e-visits, no-shows, cancellations, etc.

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Asynchronous Screening Tools in Telehealth Websites

We can help you upgrade your existing telemedicine website with an asynchronous screening tool or build it into your brand-new site. That can be a questionnaire, a form, or a chatbot that is integrated into your front lines to interact with patients.

Such asynchronous screening tools can collect patient data without medical staff intervention, helping overwhelmed front offices and health call centers.

As a leading telehealth website development firm in L.A., we’ve built quite a few screening tools, including asynchronous.

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Medical Assistant Model in Telemedicine Websites

One of the latest trends in telemedicine website development has become a separate module dedicated to medical assistants. An assistant gets a different UI to participate in a teleconsultation and take care of things like updating the patient’s data in EHR and documenting the visit.

In addition, the medical assistant module can clear the hurdle of doctors having to manage technical aspects of consultations, like monitoring the connection quality. Our telemedicine website developers will be happy to build such a dedicated module for your practice.

Although it would be great to start a project having every step completely mapped out, it’s rarely realistic. That’s why we have a process to start lean, iterate fast, and adapt to unexpected challenges to find and maintain market traction.

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Telehealth Website Development Process in our Company

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Prior to building a telemedicine site, we make sure that we’re developing a telehealth app that helps you achieve your business goals. We start by drafting a rough mockup and use it as a visual guide to the telemedicine website we’re developing. Our team of developers evaluates the tech stack options and advises based on what will be most appropriate long-term. We also check available SDKs, APIs, and third-party libraries, and discuss if there is a compelling use case for implementing artificial intelligence in your telehealth website.

Deliverables: specifications, range estimates.

User Experience (UX) Design

Though many app development agencies immediately jump to development, our telemedicine website design company chooses rapid prototyping as the next logical step. The prototype is only a draft version of your telemedicine website, with foundation and minimum carpentry. Yet, it allows us to iterate and define the features that will be added to the site. Our telemedicine development team joins this stage to identify possible bottlenecks. The developers advise on technologies so that the design is aligned with the tech stack limitations.

Deliverables: Invision click-through prototype.

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User Interface (UI) Design

After the site’s UX has been carved out, the prototype goes to the UI design engineers, who weave magic into the website, making it irresistible to engage with. The team designs the UI (including fonts, animations, buttons, and site pages) of your telemedicine site. It helps that by that stage we already have iconography, color branding, and other visual artifacts that will help increase the site’s conversions. In other words, this stage is about decorating and polishing your telemedicine website’s UI.

Deliverables: design sources, animations, clickable prototypes.

Telemedicine Website Coding

At this step, we start bringing together everything we’ve built thus far. Our telemedicine developers, led by a product manager, begin to code the web app relying on Agile principles. All development tasks get divided into two-week sprints, and as we go through each sprint, feature development remains transparent. This way, you always know where the project is. Each sprint ends with the product manager holding a check-in meeting with you, showing the demo, and reporting on the current project status.

Deliverables: website code, the site’s beta version.

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Testing and Quality Assurance

That is when we test the telemedicine site’s features. Our web developers program unit tests to automatically check new code and make sure the site works as planned. We also perform beta testing with your end users, making sure that the telehealth website works according to the requirements. We then go through every minor thing looking for typos, empty links, branding compliance, responsiveness on phones and tablets, loading speed, and many other user experience components.

Deliverables: source code, production-ready site.

Website Launch and Maintenance

Finally, it all comes down to launching your new telemedicine website to the public. Besides the live version of the site, you also get its code archive and a backup version. Because the web is constantly changing, and there appear new engaging features, many of our clients choose us as their go-to telemedicine site development agency. Topflight takes care of their telemedicine site’s maintenance and implements improvements over time.

We’re ready to address any website issues, elevate user engagement with micro-interactions, develop new features from the site’s roadmap, and maintain the server to handle increasing traffic.

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