Joe Tuan
Joe Tuan
Founder, Topflight Apps
June 15, 2018

Angular has become the choice of many web developers when they create a single page application (SPA). There are many reasons why this is the case. Overall, the ease of maintenance is a big factor, but the entire structure of an Angular application leads straight back to this maintenance issue.

Why Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript framework. It is more preferred and extensively used over other frameworks like Backbone.js, Ember.js, Meteor, or React owing to the ease of optimization and simple integration. Angular does not involve the task of performing a closed DOM translation. Here are top reasons why AngularJS is a sensible choice to develop an SPA.

An Awesome Framework

Angular takes HTML, CSS and JQuery and evolves them into dynamic elements and makes them more expressive using derivatives. The Angular framework does an awesome job of avoiding the need for a round trip to the server to get data constantly. It is a structured MVC framework that works quickly and efficiently to render views to the end user.

Data Binding as the Secret Sauce

The use of Angular in developing a SPA improves the test-ability of the application owing to easier decoupling of data that can be viewed as DOM element and HTML. The developer can easily identify the logic controlling the data and separate them with great ease. Hence, the division of UI element and its representation makes viewing a more powerful experience than other frameworks.

Angular Makes for an Agile UI

It is possible due to the seamless binding allowing maximum transport of code during front end development, where translation of data to DOM and vice versa occurs. This framework allows the developer of the SPA to not just view, manage and control data but also separate the controller and the code to derive a desired UI effect. Angular’s seamless compatibility is what makes it a preferred choice for building client-side web applications too. The UI becomes much more agile due to the strong use of data binding and the ability to create reusable objects.

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Multiple Views from a Single Page

Angular defines the look and navigation of a web page application using Angular Routes. Single page apps are earning popularity providing a feel of smartphone applications. Angular’s routing capabilities help in setting up a customized template and a controller to view each part of the application in a single page. This makes managing the code so much easier. There are no confusing paths. The route defines what view to display and the code is encapsulated into objects that are used for the various views.

Save Time

Development and testing of a SPA is incredibly swift with the Angular framework. It can handle a project’s initial framework effectively. You can add animations and transitions anytime during the project to build a powerful website as well as applications. Designers and developers with JavaScript experience prefer Angular to create rich web experience in a short time.

Easier Integration and Maintenance

In addition to the two-way data binding, AngularJS framework covers the derivatives from the NG-model and NG-class used to drive Single Page web Application projects. Server speed is not compromised owing to the lesser lines in AngularJS with fewer clicks and events. Delivery time of a SPA project is reduced significantly. The software is manageable due to the object-oriented design that makes maintenance of SPA easy and quick.

An Integral Part of Web 2.0

Angular includes all of the features of what is known as Web 2.0. With the ability to issue requests like GET, POST, DELETE, etc. and the seamless communication with API elements, Angular can do more than most client-side frameworks ever dreamt of. Angular API uses PROMISE interface to communicate with the server side that ensures proper return of response from time to time. Angular provides many custom methods to create new models that the server can attach and return as a response. For an exhilarating single page application, AJAX communication with Angular framework works wonders.

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