Case Study, Ecommerce, Fintech, Mobile App, UI/UX Design, Web App

Sherpa: fintech app for personal finances

Sherpa: fintech app for personal finances

Case Study, Native Mobile & Cloud Apps


ALTO Solutions Group, a financial
analysis and strategic development firm


iOS and Android apps, cloud apps

Technology Stack:

Swift, Java, ReactJS, D3, Firebase,
Plaid API, NodeJS, Stripe


Total Cost: 1,500 hoursLength: 1 year 5 monthsType: Prototype, Development | MVP v1: 700 hours, 5 months

A habit-changing fintech app

for the mobile-addicted crowd

ALTO Solutions, a father-and-son financial advisory startup, recognized an industry need to bring financial advisors to busy millennials in an easy-to-use, budget-monitoring mobile app.

“The average American now
has about $38,000 in personal debt, excluding home mortgages.”

Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 Planning & Progress Study

Financial advisors

and algorithms, together.

The app connects to bank accounts, analyzes spending habits, calculates future budgets, and offers professional advice to help millennials take control of their finances.


Effortless collaboration, from start to finish.

Topflight’s flexibility to deliver a full range of services enabled us to collaborate seamlessly with ALTO throughout the entire development process, from concept and design to marketing and development.

Topflight’s history of elevating startups to 6-figure earnings and investments provided ALTO with unique insight into which key app features to build out to achieve a better adoption rate at launch, including:

Apply bank-level security: Plaid API, Touch & Face ID, 256-bit encryption, SSL

Design immersive UX with bold and polished UI

Shift subscriptions to the cloud app to avoid splitting revenue with Apple

Integrate Stripe for payments and subscriptions management across all platforms

Build financial analysis smarts into the app to automatically project budgets

Make it easy to brand and customize the cloud app for enterprise customers

Development extended beyond the customer-facing mobile app. Topflight is now building two cloud apps to accompany the Sherpa platform.

One cloud app for financial advisors to bring recommendations into the mobile app.

One cloud app for the fintech app users so they could access Sherpa from anywhere.

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Geared up for

long-term growth

Topflight worked with ALTO to successfully deploy in the Google Play Store and App Store with immediate positive feedback.

Ratings and Reviews

5.0 out of 5

Hrrhjrrjiei, 09/17/2019

Hrrhjrrjiei, 09/17/2019

Helped me kick my bad habits

Ok so a big issue I had was not taking into consideration every single bill that was going to come out of my account within the month. I’d only see what I had in my account at the very moment, and think “yeah I have enough money to impulse buy this thing I don’t need” and then not have enough for all of my bills in the couple weeks that followed. This app tells me how

manz4221, 09/17/2019

manz4221, 09/17/2019

User friendly

- Super easy to use - Responsive support team

The cloud applications have been seamlessly switched to a production environment and welcome new user sign-ups.

The startup is gathering initial user feedback that will be vital for further Sherpa fintech app development, while Topflight Apps keeps adding more verified features and provides app maintenance services to Alto.

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