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PeopleJoy: Helping Students Pay Back Loan Debt

PeopleJoy Web App

Peoplejoy is a web-based fintech platform dedicated to solving the problem of skyhigh student debt.  The platform includes 2 primary tools: one is designed to help employers provide repayment assistance to their employees, and the other is meant for anyone with student debt to find, compare, and enroll in the most favorable repayment programs.   



  • Duration:
    2018 – present
  • Platform:
  • Technology Stack
    HTML5, CSS3, React, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon EC2, MongoDB Atlas, Lob API, Plaid API, Python, Slack API

The Backstory

Emeka Oguh, the founder of Peoplejoy, had successfully fundraised and partially built a platform enabling employers to provide repayment assistance to their employees.  However, the platform came with multiple issues, the most problematic being much of the work was still being done manually in spreadsheets. Besides needing a development team to step in and get the product workable, Emeka was also seeking the right technical leadership to get Peoplejoy to the MVP finish line without hand holding.  He needed a development team to act as the virtual CTO in his stead so he could focus on strategy and growing the business.

Project #1: Payment Automation, Management, and Tracking Tool

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Topflight set out to deliver a fully functional web platform that would encompass the development of an employee and employer dashboard, as well as an automated payments platform:

We architected a new and more scalable platform that integrates with Plaid and Lob.com to automate the payment of benefits to employees and track the status of the payments. We built one dashboard for employers, and one for employees that would simultaneously help employers track the loans benefits they provide, while empowering employees to manage their own loans and estimate how much they are saving over the lifetime of their loan.  

Because Topflight was successful in reducing PeopleJoy’s overall cost, providing a useful tool that is both automatable and scalable, we were given a further opportunity to help their team change the face of online student loan management. With an eye for the future, Topflight and PeopleJoy began collaborating on Project #2: the development of an analysis tool to help anyone with student loan debt become debt-free, faster.  

  • Results

    This project took less than two months to complete and launch, and it is currently in production and we continue working on improvements and new features.

Project #2: Student Loans Analysis Tool

Emeka’s BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for our second project was that in seconds, users would not only have access to a list of coordinated debt repayment alternatives, strategies, and options, but would also have a tool that automates most of the enrollment processes for these programs.

We started with a discovery phase to fully understand existing student loans governance protocols. Among other things, we explored how student loans work, what repayment and forgiveness programs were offered by the federal government, and what the terms of each of these programs are.

We determined that creating an algorithm-based application would produce the most accurate information for users. We then developed and deployed our algorithm and wrote unit tests to guarantee accuracy – improving it to the point of being able to offer users the best pathways for reducing monthly loans payments, and even forgiving a debt entirely.


  • Results

    It took us 3 months of research and development to implement the algorithms for the automated analysis and develop the user interface to provide an instant response to the users. The tool is currently in Beta, and is being tested with multiple groups users, while also being used by PeopleJoy as a part of their investor’s pitch, helping them raise funds to expand into their next phases of production. We continue working on improvements to the algorithm and are planning to launch the product within the next two months.


We have been engaged with Peoplejoy for over 500 hours and 9 months.  As we continue to work with PeopleJoy to refine and improve their tools, we are proud to represent the changing face of student loans repayment.

Our development team has consisted of

  • 1 project manager and senior developer
  • 1 full-stack javascript developer
  • and a team of interns that we helped Emeka recruit from the local Lehigh University. 

We are currently in talks to initiate the development of a new student loans analysis tool that will allow student loans coaches to provide accurate assessments and analyses to users whom are looking for a more personalized, interactive service experience.

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