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To be the best means to deliver the best.

Our goal is to create beautiful apps that serve our clients in the best ways possible. We put our client’s goals first and understand that our role in building your app is much more than simply being the coders who write your program. That is, if you’re striving for a long-term app that will grow with your business.

Our process involves all of the stages of building a successful application based on our decades worth of experience doing so. From discovery and planning to design, development, and maintenance after deployment, our goal is to be a long-term partner in your app’s evolution.

Not all companies can offer full planning and design through development services. But not all companies strive to deliver the best. Let us know what your project needs and we’ll tell you how we can help, or what your next steps should look like.

Telemedicine in New York

The telehealth market is expected to grow to $9.35 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 27.5%.

In New York City, a hotbed of investment capital, that’s an astoundingly fruitful opportunity. At Topflight Apps, we’re capitalizing on this opportunity by pushing the envelope to integrate secure and robust telehealth platforms for patients and physicians to experience better personal care and improved patient outcomes.

The benefits to telehealth apps are not only attractive by investment standards, but to the consumers as well. Because people are so accustomed to using their phones and devices to interface with others online, telehealth offers a feasible and modern solution to at-home or on-the-go healthcare. And for the city that is always on the go, NYC residents are primed to take advantage of the telemedical revolution.

As a design and development leader in the telehealth industry we know from experience that creating easy-to-use and highly secure apps for patients to improve their health, we can raise the bar as it pertains to Americans receiving excellent primary and specialized care.

Full-scale App Development for iOS and Android

There are many ways to deliver the optimal app for your business solution.

Commonly, if you’re going to the consumer market, you’ll want to offer both an iOS and Android app. These are the two highest competing mobile operating systems in the consumer market and will likely cover the majority, if not all, of your target audience.

So what makes a full-scale app? It takes planning, design, building, testing, and growth. The process, if successful, becomes an ever-expanding source of revenue for your business and a flexible solution to offering better service to your customers, patients, or users.

Give us a call to talk about your project and the product you’re looking to deliver, and we’ll help you decide what approach to take for your timeline and budget!

NYC App Developers Building and Scaling Mobile Applications

Building and scaling are two different scenes painted on the same mural.

Custom mobile app development is the process of creating it for your business, but scaling your app is the process of growing it like a business. Although not all apps are made to scale, we find that proper planning and anticipation for an app’s widespread adoption with the expectation that it will scale is the best way to guarantee long-term success.

When you hire a firm that is looking for a long-term relationship, as we do at Topflight, there’s a greater chance you’ll get a team that is technically invested in the project, and thus will plan for growth in the long run. We know that when we sign on to take a project, we’re planning for its success. Besides, if we know we’re going to be working on this app for years to come, then we should build it correctly now and save ourselves the headache of fixing these problems later!

If you aren’t sure how to approach your app-building process right from deciding the type of app (PWAs vs Native), to the type of technology to use, then let us know and we’ll help answer your outstanding questions with our experience.

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Development, Quality Control, and Testing of Custom Apps

When building an app there are many important steps.

During development, you need to make sure that code is written efficiently and based on the specifications, all while managing the timeline and prioritizing roadblocks appropriately.

As it applies to your business and the product, Quality Control and Testing are vital to success. A custom app needs to be quality tested to make sure it is secure, performant, and fits the deployment standards of the app stores or delivery environment of choice. An iOS app isn’t very useful if it doesn’t meet Apple’s requirements for App store entry!

Similarly, Testing is an extremely important step to ensure your app not only functions appropriately but also fits into your market. Thinking about your app as a long-term solution, you’ll likely want time to test your app with your users, find out what is working and what can be changed, and deliver an improved version.

At Topflight, we take every step with you and make sure your app is the right fit for your long-term goals.

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Designing and Planning for App Success in your Marketplace

If you’re building an app, you should be aware of the process that is necessary for success. The fact is that 99.99 percent of consumer apps don’t succeed because they fail to get in front of their audience. That’s why the planning and design phase is so vital. The app needs to be built around your business goals, which should give it an existing platform to succeed, as opposed to a un-tested idea that may fizzle out when deployed to the app stores.

The problem with hiring a team to quickly develop an app for you is that you’re betting on success with the first deployment. But most likely, a successful app will be expanded upon after being tested in the marketplace. Thus, if you plan to not touch your app after completion, you may need to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the app idea. Or talk to a professional development firm to get a better idea of the project approach.

When you work with a team, they should be able to identify what will work best for an app implementation for years to come. This means designing your app to maximize user retention, building the app to be modular and scalable, and planning the project with the foresight of maintenance and (ideally) increased usage over time.

After the initial build, the app development cost, of course, decreases significantly. However, they don’t disappear. If you’re building an app to serve a purpose in your business, it’s probably going to be handling a process that will become a crucial marketing or administrative tool as users begin to adopt the app into their routine of interfacing with your business.

For example, if your app serves to provide personalized skincare tips and product recommendations, then the app will become a part of the consumer’s process of improving their skin over time while tracking which skincare products they use. The app might include data about their skin’s health and other lifestyle factors on a daily or weekly basis, then use this information to decide which products they need to clear up or improve skin health. All the while, storing important user data that can be reused by your business internally.

Our experience includes many of these models, which help to increase user retention, increase product sales, and improve the consumer’s overall experience with their health as they can visualize and monitor their own progress.

Best-in-class Apps for Healthcare and Medical Industries

The healthcare and medical industries are complicated and require specialized knowledge, whether that’s for being a surgeon, a practitioner, or a health app developer. The best resources are the teams that not only have the experience but also the ability to adjust to roadblocks on the fly. When there is a deadline to meet, and a bulk of tasks to complete, who can you trust to finish the job well and on time?

We know this from experience and have built a team that can handle the project pace, as well as the additional security and compliance standards which are vital to the success of your app. Speaking the language of your business is a conversation we love to have and managing a project is all about proper communication.

If you’re in New York and looking for experienced app designers and developers, make sure to prioritize the teams that have a proven track record of delivering projects within budget and timeline. Likely, these will be the first conversations that you have with your potential team, as all other expectations are built around these.

If you have an idea for how to create a medically-facing app, a healthcare chatbot app, an e-commerce app, a dashboard app, or an app for your business let us know! After designing and developing over 125 mobile apps, we have learned many models for success.

Introducing IoT Mobile Apps to New York Enterprise

IoT is an ever-expanding industry, which we love to be involved in.

One of the more common forms of IoT in today’s age of wearable technology is health and fitness devices. We love to track our health, and with the advent of watches and wearables, it’s easy to get high-tech IoT devices in the hands of consumers. The technology can be applied to many different use cases, including health/fitness tracking, motion detection, and location services.

Check out our articles about building a fitness tracker app and creating wearable applications for Wear OS and watchOS.

We specialize in reading data from devices, securing personal data transfer, and presenting that data in a beautiful and easy-to-use app. Our experience primarily applies to healthcare applications, where the user wears a watch or other device to track their movement or physical state and then transmits that data to our app. We also commonly use BLE, Healthkit, HIPAA compliance, and offline/online synchronization to accomplish IoT integration.

Like most technological advancements, there are large concerns over the security of data transfer. Our experience has taught us to address these concerns using our approach to protected information, by identifying where it exists and encrypting it at every stage of the transmission cycle. Security is of utmost importance, hence we work hard to make sure that all data is kept private and maintained in the proper server architecture.

Keep in mind, an IoT device can be anything from a Healthwatch to a nest home climate device, for which you can create apps. If you have an idea for an IoT application in healthcare or any other device which needs an app to accompany it, let us know!

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We like to let our clients speak for us.

Gratefully, we maintain a 100% positive review on Clutch and Facebook. Our history as a web design team as well as our individual efforts in building and launching businesses help solidify our place as one of the top app developers for full-service design and development, especially in healthcare.

We’ve developed over 125 apps for companies such as Merck, Stanford, McDonald’s, and many successful smaller businesses and startups. Through these experiences, we’ve learned how to improve our process and deliver best-in-class solutions at enterprise scale.

New York is a hotbed for mobile and business development. Although the market for apps is a highly competitive one, Topflight is beginning to receive recognition as one of the premier healthcare app developers in NYC.

The process involves identifying the pain points most vital to success, designing a solution that solves these pain points, testing it with an MVP, and building a flexible app prepared to scale.

We start every project by asking what your goals are. So, what are yours?

Learn how to build winning apps.

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