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Telemedicine Services Developers

Topflight Apps develops premium-quality telemedicine services to push back the frontiers of remote healthcare. The telemedicine platforms we build empower healthcare professionals to improve and even save people’s lives by bridging the gap between doctors and patients.

We’re fully committed to steamroller the medical system to the next level, where it can effectively meet the raising demand for value-based medicine. By working with healthcare startups and established medical organizations, such as Medable, Stanford MedicineAthcorp, and ARA Genomics, we propel the use of telemedicine services in dermatology, psychiatry, cardiology, and many other health disciplines.

Our telemedicine app development and design teams focus on crafting the perfect user experience balancing patients’ expectations and needs of medial staff. Topflight has been mastering healthcare apps development since 2015, and we are ready to blend our expertise with your insights to develop top-performing telehealth solutions.

Why Telemedicine Services Matter


Telemedicine services development has become priority #1 for Topflight Apps long before the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only do telehealth apps make it easier to serve patients over the distance, but they are also essential in bringing down the cost of health care. Replacing hospital/ patient visits with videoconferencing and messaging fastens healthcare delivery as well.

In times when value-based care is becoming the focal point of the healthcare industry, telehealth services can become a solid basis for improved patient outcomes.

At Topflight Apps, we cover the whole spectrum of telemedicine solutions: from teledermatology to teledentistry to teleneurology to ob-gyn telemedicine to telepharmacy to teleoncology to telesurgery to telecardiology to telenursing to teleophthalmology to telerehabilitation to telepathology to telenephrology to telepsychiatry.

Our telemedicine services developers use the state-of-the-art WebRTC technology and off-the-shelf streaming libraries and SDKs like Agora to enable low-latency one-on-one and group video calls. We architecture telemedicine apps so that their users experience zero quality degradation even in troubled network conditions.

Our Healthcare Clients

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Cloud Telemedicine Services Development

Cloud-based telemedicine apps connect medical personnel and patients using only a web browser. While the web platform democratizes access to doctor examinations and health check-ups for patients, it also imposes serious technology challenges on telemedicine developers.

When developing a telemedicine solution, the responsive layout is our top-of-mind priority to ensure that the app will work in mobile browsers. Another aspect we, as healthcare developers, often tackle with web-based telehealth apps is interoperability. Our telemedicine development team relies on FHIR and HL7 data protocols to integrate telehealth apps with EHR platforms.

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Mobile Telemedicine Services Development

Telemedicine mobile apps allow doctors to be always within reach and set up live conferences virtually on the go, whether they need to consult with colleagues or tend to a patient. Smartphone and tablet optimized apps with telehealth features ensure frictionless experience and often operate as an extension to a cloud telemedicine solution.

Some of the most common features in a mobile telemedicine app include: doctor appointments, protected video calls, real-time chat, EHR/EMR integrations, e-prescriptions, HIPAA-compliant PHI data transmission, mobile payments, integrations with peripheral medical devices.

Topflight Apps develops telemedicine solutions for iOS, iPad OS, and Android, working efficiently with the platform-specific SDKs: HealthKit and Google Fit. Our telemedicine services developers are well versed in implementing robust and secure mobile telehealth solutions.

Why Topflight Apps?

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Topflight Apps specializes in healthcare app development. We are proud to have worked with such companies as Medable, Stanford Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, and many others, helping them release top-performing healthcare applications. We believe that value-based medicine goes hand in hand with a comprehensive digital strategy and help healthcare organizations form it by developing integrated telemedicine services.

We’re building telemedicine solutions that can withstand a drastically increased demand and scale up dynamically as more users onboard your product. To achieve this, Topflight Apps uses time-tested cloud technologies like Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, which provide HIPAA-as-a-Service. Coupled with WebRTC-based technologies like Agora SDK, among others, this tech stack allows us to provide ultra-low latency, which means your telemedicine app users will remain connected despite network issues.

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AI and Machine Learning are essential elements of a modern telemedicine solution. We apply our knowledge of AI algorithms and neural networks to enable preventive care capabilities, such as smart symptom tracking and mental health management. Whether you are dealing with healthcare staff shortages or want to maximize your patient throughput capacity with a chatbot, we’ve got you covered.

At Topflight Apps, we preach and practice user-centered design. Our framework for UX & UI development involves learning your target audience, their needs, and preferences. We then meticulously verify our assumptions with user testing and incorporate their feedback. Whether designed for medical workers or patients, the telemedicine apps we develop have intuitive UI and effectively solve business/user tasks.

Although it would be great to start a project having every step completely mapped out, it’s rarely realistic. That’s why we have a process to start lean, iterate fast, and adapt to unexpected challenges to find and maintain market traction.

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Transparency in Our Process:

How We Build Telemedicine Apps

Product Discovery

Before developing a telemedicine services app, we verify that we’re building telehealth apps that help you reach your business objectives. We begin with a rough mockup using it as a visual guide to the app we’re building. We provide insight into what technology suits the project most and advise on the tech stack that is the most appropriate long-term. Our team checks APIs, SDKs, and third-party libraries. We also discuss if there is a case for using artificial intelligence and machine learning in your telemedicine app.

Deliverables: requirements, min and max estimates.

User Experience (UX) Design

While most app developers jump immediately to development, we prefer prototyping as the next step. The prototype is a draft, wireframe-based version of the app, with just foundation and carpentry. Still, the prototype lets us iterate and scope out the features that will end up in your  app. Our telemedicine services development team joins the round to pinpoint potential bottlenecks and advise on alternative technologies so that the app’s design is aligned with the technology stack.

Deliverables: Invision-based interactive prototypes.

User Interface (UI) Design

After we have settled on the app’s UX, the prototype goes to Topflight UI designers, who are responsible for the magic that engages the app’s users. We design the actual user interface (including screens, fonts, and animations) of your app. And it definitely helps that we already have iconography, color branding, and other visual aspects of the app that increase conversions. In a nutshell, this step is all about making your telemedicine app’s UI & UX incredible.

Deliverables: design sources, animations, clickable  prototypes.

Coding and Programming

This is where all artifacts from the previous steps are starting to blend together. Our telemedicine services development team, led by a dedicated product manager, starts fleshing out the app using Agile principles. We chunk up all development tasks into two-week sprints. As we go through each sprint, feature programming remains completely transparent, so you’re always aware of the progress on the project. At the end of each sprint the product manager holds a check-in meeting with you presenting the demo and reporting how the team is doing relative to the delivery timelines and estimates.

Deliverables: source code, the app’s beta versions.

Quality Control and Testing

At this step, we test the app’s functionality. Our telemedicine app developers code unit tests that automatically check new code to make sure your telemedicine app works as intended. We also carry out beta testing with customers, making sure that the app works according to the requirements and prototypes. We also check for every minor thing like typos, bad links, branding compliance, responsiveness, loading speed, and many other trifle aspects of the customer experience.

Deliverables: source code, compiled app, customer-ready version of the app.

Launch and Beyond

Now it’s time to launch your new telemedicine app to the app stores. Besides apps, you also get source code to continue updating your mobile app and continue to provide quality healthcare services at any distance. Since app stores and mobile apps are changing, e.g., to address new OS updates, many of our clients decide to work with Topflight on a long-term basis. We take care of their app’s maintenance and make improvements over time. 

We’re ready to address any app issues, elevate user engagement with micro interactions, develop new features from the app’s roadmap, and maintain the server to handle increasing traffic.

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