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Why App Developers Love Portland

If any city is setting the standard for a sustainable technological revolution, it’s Portland. They live green, they eat green, and they are jumpstarting the city’s digital brand, using creativity and environmentalism to drive local technological innovation with style.

That’s why Portland app developers have it so good: everyone from residents to businesses makes the effort to tackle some of the most urgent social and political issues of today—from responsible land-use to cybersecurity. With developers from across the globe looking to team up with industrious entrepreneurs responding to today’s technological problems with ethical, well-thought-out solutions, it’s no wonder they’re breaking out their rain boots and heading to Portland.

Likewise drawn to Portland’s ethical, technological appeal (and maybe even the rain), Topflight Apps’ development team has started reaching out to our partners to the north, offering Portland businesses and entrepreneurs the industry-seasoned expertise of our in-house developers toward creating responsible mobile solutions, regardless of trade.

Founded to serve San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County, we have not only survived, but thrived in one of the world’s largest economies. Now, we’re ready to help Portland build highly specialized applications that meet the sustainability and security requirements of our mutual, national audience.

Why Hire Mobile App Developers in Portland?

In Portland, everyone is always moving. Bike lanes, light rail, buses, trains: Portland is in the fast lane, showing the rest of America how to take care of its own while contributing their sustainability expertise to technological innovation enterprises on a global scale. With a continuing attitude for growth and versatility, Portland is becoming the go-to city for developers hoping to become world-leaders in today’s fastest growing technological marketplace: mobile app development.

Positioning ourselves at this junction of digital innovation and sustainability, Topflight’s mobile app development team is homing in on Portland’s competitive advantage as a creative center for sustainable technological advancement in the areas of health care and ecommerce—two burgeoning marketplaces that face similar mobile advancement risks surrounding user-accessibility, confidentiality, and communication. Not only do our intensive researchers thrive among the ranks of today’s most progressive thinkers, but our designers and programmers continue to create responsible mobile applications that respond to the growth and social benefit aims of Portland business leaders.

Have an idea in mind? Become a part of Portland’s technical revolution by sharing your vision with our development team—we’re the creative, ethical, open-minded Android & iOS app developers in Portland you’re looking for.

Portland Health Care iOS & Android App Development

At Topflight, we know that Portland takes care of their own. They take great ideas and weigh them within the context of our present technological reality, helping new and established initiatives gain traction and ultimately thrive for the long-term. With sustainability-minded citizens anchoring city-wide initiatives to become a healthier, “greener” Portland, they’re best in business have a long-term mindset for health care.

Indeed, medical practitioners with their sneakers on the ground know that health extends far beyond the doctor’s office, and are as a result becoming more open to incorporating patient-generated health data into their clinical processes. As startups around Portland continue to target this niche, they’re going to need a reliable industry partner to help them ask the right questions about design and security.

Do you need encryption? Are you using Protected Health Information that needs to abide by regulatory health compliances? Is your code protected from SQL-injection? Do these terms come across as indecipherable jargon? If they do, don’t panic. You have Topflight on your side to help guide you in building a secure mobile app that Portland users can engage with, confident that their personal information is safe.

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Topflight Apps: Portland’s Mobile App Developer

That’s the Topflight difference.

We consider ourselves trusted partners in the global pursuit of ethical digital advancement. We know how to add value—and take care of patients—without forfeiting sustainability and confidentiality aims. Most of all, our team knows that there’s so much more to Portland than hipsters and rain—they recognize that behind the closed doors of the nearest boardroom (or garage) are the individuals at the edge of Portland’s digital revolution, and they are ready to team up with the city in tackling the biggest issues in responsible health care mobile app development in Portland.

Whether you’re looking to build an app for Android, iPhone, or otherwise, our development aficionados are there to not only create but collaborate, making sure you’re as equipped as we are in handling the details of any mobile issue you may face. In gathering our own resources as they relate to code implementation, core data, and interface design, Topflight thus works to help bring value to Portland mobile app development propositions in health care and e-commerce.

Still unsure where to begin?

Our clients capitalize on Topflight’s mandate for diversity, where we draw on the knowledge of a versatile group of founders, programmers, and designers who pool their collective expertise in driving your mobile app’s success. In other words, our designers, disruptors, and innovators are ready to support your digital aims, working as co-creators in the design and launch of your future mobile application.

Keeping Portland’s Mobile Health Market Safe and Secure

As we’ve progressed, building our own momentum amid iPhone and Android mobile app development companies in Portland, our in-house app developers, designers, and programmers have become security, safety, and analytics experts. We know what questions to ask to best ensure the safety and security of Portland users at every level.


We’ve created a fail-proof Quality Assurance process tailored to test against data protection and system security, and are ready to test your app’s functionality at every level—an important line on the “checklist” for anticipating incumbent security risks before they ever see the backlit-screen of your client’s phone.

Our secret?

We work with Portland users to keep them safe, using a sustainable model for development that includes all parties. As a result, our developers are able to ask targeted questions that respond to the specific concerns of Portland’s patient population, ultimately collaborating with those we serve to create sustainable, ethical, and progressive mobile applications.

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Why Topflight has the Best Mobile App Developers in Portland

Portland knows how to have fun; in fact, one of the city’s slogans is “Keep Portland Weird”. In rewarding the abnormal, Portland’s entrepreneurs have been given the freedom to explore where others have yet to break ground. In much the same way, Topflight encourages creativity in the pursuit of superior mobile app development in Portland. The approach has so far served us well, and we are ready to put the city to the test, responding to client perspectives on developing secure, technological health care and e-commerce solutions as they arise.

Topflight’s collaborative mindset makes approaching app challenges exciting. With an innovative mandate to build applications that serve the collective aims of our internal and external leaders, Topflight’s custom mobile app development team in Portland works alongside you and your clients in creating efficient and effective mobile app solutions suited to your individual market. We have cultivated a technological literacy for healthcare that clients continue to capitalize on, trusting us to turn their ideas into ethical and confidential mobile designs that promise to comply with the technical specifications of our partners.

In short, we consider ourselves your personal, mobile “first-responders”—helping you protect the real first responders saving lives in Portland every day.

The Topflight Approach

Portland is already home to some of the country’s most inventive and high-grossing bioscience and health technology start-ups. For residents as well, the most common employment sectors are in health care, social assistance, and—wouldn’t you know it—professional, scientific, technology services. Enticed by Portland’s viable health and technology market, Topflight has begun to respond to the city’s health care and digital applications landscape by helping Portland businesses target (and then disrupt) the market of their choosing.

Still, our organization isn’t just a “one kind of thing” app development company. All at once, our multi-disciplinary teams provide local and national enterprises with cutting-edge, industry-seasoned data-science and machine learning app development solutions. It is through these efforts that we continue to help e-commerce and healthcare professionals alike align their competitive strategies with real mobile marketplace analyses, ultimately working in unison to revitalize Portland’s overall digital growth.

Operating within this unity, our mobile app developers in Portland are always searching to expand the ways in which we encourage the advancement of those companies who have chosen to trust us with not only their ideas but their identities. Amid such high stakes, we’ve sourced the very best in global talent to help you stay afloat of the whirlwinds taking the world’s fastest growing technological marketplace by storm.

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Our Portland App Developers Make Scaling Easy

Motivated by the passion our clients have shown for creating apps that maximize their ethical and technological impact, our leaders have become doubly committed to delivering high-quality mobile ecosystems that deliver outstanding long-term support to Portland’s hospitals, medical practitioners, and other health-focused businesses.

As such, our designers, innovators, and development leaders have become doubly committed to delivering high-quality mobile applications that leave room for client organizations to grow their capacity for patient-centric care practices.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Topflight Apps thus ensures that clients are completely engaged and up-to-date on technology trends by holding the patient-user at the center of every case study, analyzing the global health innovation landscape for sustainability and security bright spots on which to build better templates for ethical health care application development in Portland. As we move toward transforming your preliminary ideas into tangible application designs, we help you make decisions about your future mobile application and ask whether you have the right server architecture, the right physical resources, and the proper capacity to handle multi-processing from a business and technological perspective.

From there, our teams integrate structural elements from successful cases into your application to create a unique and aesthetically marvelous mobile interface that enhances your application’s ability to sustain projected growth. In other words, as we watch you grow, so too will you watch your app pop up in the palms of Portlandians.

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The Benefits of Using iOS & Android App Developers in Portland

In an environment that’s constantly changing, our industry-seasoned mobile app developers have learned to be adaptable. And they’ve had to be: with iPhone market shares running a close second to Google’s Android (as of 2018), our team continues to leverage these competing markets toward the benefit of our consumers, delivering reliable mobile solutions that really work as they’re intended to.

Supportive and flexible, our development team continues to produce excellent results by offering a unique cross-platform approach that surpasses the boundaries imposed by the varying operating systems. Supporting further innovation, Topflight has been able to consistently deliver value propositions that go above and beyond the traditional sphere of iPhone and Android app development.

In short, our developers and designers serving Portland are invested in saving you both time and money, developing applications with a singular codebase so that both iPhone and Android code can be written simultaneously. With our technicians always available to help troubleshoot issues in real-time—within the context of either platform’s specific features and functions—Topflight can help you get your product to market faster than your competitors.

Topflight: Building the Future of Portland Mobile App Development

In much the same way that Portland residents take care of themselves—exercising, going for check-ups, and admitting when they’re sick—our developers have been praised for their long-term client-support strategies, engaging clients from design through deployment and ensuring their success long after the initial contract has ended.

In the same way that we provide Portland app developers with a long-term vision for success, our development team keeps a birds-eye view on mobile app development in Portland, aligning itself strategically within the city’s ongoing technological shift. We host a team with a thorough understanding of development lifestyle, but our agile methodologies take short-term gains and extend them into long-term efficiencies—allowing us to give clients far more than just superior code implementation.

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Clients and Reviews

Portland, We Want to Hear From You

When you work with Topflight, you’re not reaching out to some detached, cold corporation meant to make you feel small—we are your neighbors and friends to the south, and we are enthusiastic about guiding your vision for sustainable mobile application development in Portland while maintaining total transparency every step of the way.

In short, we are here; and we want to hear from you! Whether you’re just thinking about creating a health care or e-commerce application for your business, or if you’ve outlined a few solution aims that you’re keen on sharing, our local developers are in the same time zone—you can call them before you bike home in Portland’s perpetual drizzle!

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