Konstantin Kalinin
Konstantin Kalinin
Head of Content
April 23, 2020

Challenge: Engage CrossFit Fans

CrossFit Apollo, a fitness coaching facility in Las Vegas, wanted to strengthen its relations with gym members and help them live a healthy life beyond the gym.

So after trying a proof-of-concept that tracked gym members’ fitness goals, Apollo was ready for a full-blown solution. They needed something flexible, robust, and scalable.

Habitap is a habit-building fitness app

Image credit: Habitap

Something to run nutrition & lifestyle challenges. Something to put healthy living for the company’s customers on autopilot. The solution emerged right at the intersection of gym members’ and gym owners’ needs. The app had to:

  • educate, inspire, and track habits
  • foster the sense of support among gym members

and at the same time:

  • increase gym members engagement, subscribe members to a paid plan
  • win a bigger audience and market as a white-label product

That’s how Habitap – a habit-tracking web app for building a Happy. Healthy. Life. began.

Life-changing experience for CrossFit fans

  • starts with a UX/UI workshop

We knew right from the start that the key design elements we had to balance were excellent design and ease of use. It’s the right mixture of UX and UI, backed by a solid habit-building philosophy, that could get customers to invest in a Habitap subscription.

The design team understood the importance of habit tracking, heard the client’s passions, gleaned insight from their expertise, and leveraged all of these to design a habit tracking system that could translate into a lasting change for users.

Habitap was designed to leave users no other options but to start forming positive habits:

  • daily log lets them track each time they follow through on a habit
  • dashboard with stats shows them where and when they do well or struggle
  • proceeds to user testing

As with many other projects, we carefully verified all our design assumptions by taking the wireframes to actual users. The overall feedback was positive, and we only had to make a couple of minor tweaks, e.g., get users more info at the payment step so that they subscribe.

  • goes on to web development

We then applied the latest web technologies, like React.js and Node.js, to develop Habitap as a responsive web application. Enabling a frictionless experience for users in mobile browsers was a very cost-effective alternative to developing stand-alone mobile apps.

Habitap habit-tracking screenHabitap allows users to dive into today’s lessons and easily navigate between the app’s sections:

  • profile & settings
  • daily habit tracker
  • statistics with dynamic charts
  • archive of learning materials
  • community with leaderboards
  • borrows the best from social apps

To reflect the tight-knit community atmosphere of Apollo’s gym in the app, we added:

Habitap social competition

  • leaderboards to inspire the spirit of shared accountability among users
  • fist bumps to instill the sense of community reinforcement
  • ability to create or join private groups
  • integrates with payments and the client’s site

To accept payments from gym members, we integrated Habitap with Stripe, and to let Apollo manage the content in the app, we connected it with the company’s content management system.

  • and remains open for growth

We also made sure to architect Habitap as a web application that is easy to scale up and rebrand. This flexible approach allows Apollo to offer Habitap as a white-label solution.

Habitap results dashboard

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Setting a Fitness Trend: Healthy Happy People

CrossFit Apollo is already relying on Habitap to run addictive health-changing challenges, setting the trend in the CrossFit industry. The app brought along hundreds of paying customers within the first month alone.

Habitap client testimonial

In fact, the company is so confident in the solution, we’re already working on the next set of features. These new options will turn Habitap into a decision-making system by providing Apollo’s management with all sorts of user data and new ways to engage their customers:

  • support for multiple challenges
  • customizable notifications
  • built-in user surveys
  • body measurements tracking
  • comprehensive reports

Habitap is a unique fitness tracker app that allows CrossFit Apollo to expand its fantastic community atmosphere beyond the gym and encourage people to live a Healthy. Happy. Life.

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Let us know if you have a fitness app idea or need help with an ongoing fitness app development project. We’ll set you up for success.

Konstantin Kalinin

Head of Content
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