Konstantin Kalinin
Konstantin Kalinin
Head of Content
June 11, 2020

Are you a restaurant, hospital, movie theatre, or business center looking to restart operations after the quarantine but without compromising your well-being or that of your staff and customers? If so, you’re not alone. COVID-19 has thrown the entire world into a standstill while businesses are waiting to resume their regular activities and get back to normal.

At Topflight Apps, we’ve blueprinted a COVID-19 notification system (TFA-CN) that you can relatively quickly deploy in your facility. TFA-CN gives you a simple way of tracking people’s temperature and COVID positivity with a QR code.

mobile developers working on a covid-19 app
COVID has been wreaking havoc

The COVID-19 crisis has been wreaking havoc across the globe, with cases exceeding 3.5 million already, and fatalities increasing every day. The contagiousness of the virus has forced many nations to go on lockdown and brought about social distancing.

Social distancing has been enforced by governments to make sure that people don’t transmit the disease since it spreads like wildfire. At Topflight Apps, we realize that this practice isn’t sustainable for us or the economy. Therefore, our goal is to help businesses and people stay safe as they are about to get back to eating out, shopping, socializing, and leading a normal everyday life.

empty restaurant due to covid-19 restrictionsFrontline workers safety

We need to ensure safety for frontline workers like doctors and nurses who have high exposure to the COVID virus.

In such a trying time, doctors and medical staff are the most vulnerable group of people and also the most important. They are fighting this global war against an invisible enemy, and our team aims at empowering them with information and the ability to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Using self-declaration, social intelligence, privacy, and location tracking to monitor the virus

TFA-CN lets your customers document their temperature upon check-in and report any COVID-19 positivity privately on a mobile app using a QR code. By privately and anonymously reporting their COVID-19 infection, they can alert others to get tested and help reduce the spread of the virus. The goal is to arm all of us with information to prevent further spread of this virus by knowing that we’ve been in contact or in the proximity of someone infected with the coronavirus.

A private way for your customers to share their status for the safety of others

  1. QR code-driven. This will allow users to quickly pull up the application and pull up a facility’s information and submit their information.
  2. Automated check-ins. The software includes automatic reminders that can be sent out to users via SMS, email, or push notifications to report their COVID-19 positivity.
  3. Quick setup. Instant and hassle-free set up at your workplace, without the need for expensive hardware.
  4. Track temperature and virus positivity. Quick and easy logging of temperature and virus positivity
  5. Self-reporting. A customer who is infected with COVID-19 can report it via the app anonymously, allowing the application to notify others that they should get tested and possibly put in quarantine.
  6. Track travel history. One-click logging of travel history in recent months for the visitor and their family members as well
  7. Track symptoms and indicators. Quick entry of common symptoms to check the possibility of an infection.
  8. Integration with IoT and GPS trackers. If you have a large facility, track patients using Bluetooth tags and IoT devices, and monitor their movement in realtime.
  9. Automatic notifications when you are close to an infected person. Get immediate alarm when social distancing rules are being flouted or when people with a high-risk score are getting near others.

Phone mockup with a coronavirus tracking location app held by a woman on the street
Awareness of the virus through tracking high-risk and infected people is key to getting visibility to the potential presence of the virus around you and your team. That’s where TFA-CN can help your business.

We’re building software that’s made to last

This blueprint solution is designed on a microservices-based architecture, which is the industry standard for developing sustainable, easy-to-maintain software.


The backend is built on Laravel and is powered by a MySQL database. Not only does Laravel guarantee faster development, but it also supports robust integrations, testing suite, and security, making apps future-proof. We recommend Laravel 7+, which is the latest version of the framework.

Laravel framework logoFrontend

The front end of the application is built on React (one of the most popular front end frameworks developed by Facebook) and designed in the format of a Single Page Application (SPA). The SPA architecture provides quicker loading speed, seamless user experience, and supports robust component design. The front end is built on React v 16.13.1. That’s the latest stable version with improved functionality and security fixes.

Cross-platform mobile apps

The mobile apps are developed with React Native — another widely popular multi-platform mobile app development tool by Facebook. React Native allows the apps to have a native look and feel and extremely smooth user experience on Android and iOS. We use React Native 0.62, that supports a dark mode.

React native mobile app abstract conceptRead Also: React Native vs Swift for iOS


TFA-CN provides a documented API ready for integrations with third-party hardware, software, or platforms. The API will help you to expand on TFA-CN features by integrating it with other services and allowing others to utilize the data coming from the solution.

Instead of building old-fashioned REST APIs that often lack efficiency, we recommend a GraphQL format to design queryable APIs. This modern API standard reduces the amount of data fetching and requests to give you seamless connectivity to the service. Plus, it’s excellent for red-flagging protocol violations in real time, which is vital for the use cases we are targeting.

Mobile Libraries and Packages

To make the best of mobile technology, TFA-CN uses all available smartphone features to maximize value for users.

  1. React-native-QRcode-scanner provides QR code-based data entry.
  2. React-native-geolocation-service is used for taking advantage of GPS service.
  3. React-native-one signal is used to provide cross-platform notifications on every possible device, browser, operating system, and messaging channel.

High availability cloud infrastructure

Our entire stack is deployed on the Google Cloud Platform, which remains highly reliable and available even with millions of users. Caching, load balancing, and a cluster server setup are just a few things that we’ve implemented to give you the state-of-the-art tech infrastructure to benefit from.

Reach out today if you are thinking about reopening your business and need help with protecting your employees and customers.

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