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Your healthcare organization has the challenge of striking a delicate balance. Healthcare organizations and their patients can get so much valuable information from the technology, but you have to account for the burdens of security, privacy, and compliance that raise the risks and responsibilities of your organization.  Topflight Apps has a track record for designing and developing web and mobile applications in healthcare from enterprise applications to non-profit services through our 501(c)(3) branch.

Enterprise Ready

We can develop the right solution whether you need a patient portal, an EMR system designed to FHIR or HL7 standards, blockchain development, or machine learning to improve clinical decisions. Our solutions will unleash the value of your healthcare data with solutions that are secure and protect patient privacy according to HIPAA.

Mobile First

Your mobile healthcare apps will put new capabilities in the hands of physicians with practice management apps, and engage with patients via telemedicine, patient portals, or surescripts. We can find the right configuration that gives your users the most efficient and powerful mobile application through mHealth, healthkit, and other wearable integrations.

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In this era of value-based care, patient satisfaction and quality of care measures are paramount to provider reimbursement.  Topflight Apps delivers the right solutions for value-based care within the strict boundaries of data security and patient protection. You know what you want, and we know how to build it. Together we can find the story for your users and develop the tools to deliver better health outcomes and optimize reimbursement.  

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Our industry-leading expertise and innovation in healthcare is why so many healthcare providers, software companies, and trailblazers choose us as their healthcare technology partner.