It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in–it’s never too late to avoid the costliest mistakes in your app development journey. And if you’re looking to build successful apps in 2019, then it’s important that you have the wisdom to make financially smart decisions that can 10x your success in app development. 

That’s why we’ve come up with 5 Easy Steps to Building Successful Apps in 2019:


Step 1: Prepare for Battle
Step 2: Validate Your Idea First

Step 3: Select Compatible Technologies
Step 4: Protect Your Data
Step 5: Know Your Numbers

Step 1: Prepare for Battle

Plan for the challenge of standing out in a crowded space

In recent years there’s been a lot of contention around how little opportunity there is left in the saturated mobile app market.  True, there are literally millions of apps in app stores, and the average user only has about 20 apps on their phones. However, the fear mongering may be a bit overblown.  Look at this graph: the number of apps making $1 million plus a year is definitely not flattening yet.  What is true however, is that mobile app entrepreneurs now face the same fundamental difficulties as any other online business trying to get people’s attention.  Think about how many coffee shops have great reviews on Yelp now that Yelp is saturated with users and reviews. If you’re just flashy or trendy but your core product doesn’t rock, you won’t last.  It’s the same with your mobile app in an app store: you have to differentiate yourself and create a super solid product that’s hard for wantrepreneurs to replicate.

Your first MVP (minimum viable product) probably won’t be your last

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The most common misconception of first-time entrepreneurs is that they’ll succeed because they have a great idea.  The truth is, being a successful app entrepreneur is more about having a winning strategy and executing persistently on user feedback than it is about having a great idea.  This has been a constant truth in startup circles (read about the “build-measure-learn” cycle here: http://theleanstartup.com/principles).  However, in 2018 we still saw too many entrepreneurs in 2018 make the same mistake of overbuilding their MVP.  

My advice? Instead of overbuilding, get to market as soon as possible with as few features as possible, test them out with real users, then nimbly make changes based on user feedback.  We launch at least 10 production-ready web and mobile apps per year, and we can tell you that the “build” of the “build-measure-learn” development cycle is always the easiest part. The harder part is the uncertainty that comes after, where every entrepreneur has to figure out how to stay true to their vision while listening to users and adapting the MVP into something they love.

Other ways to prepare for battle:


Feeling confident about preparing for battle? Read on: 

Step 2: Validate Your Idea First

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