It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in–it’s never too late to avoid the costliest mistakes in your app development journey. And if you’re looking to build successful apps in 2019, then it’s important that you have the wisdom to make financially smart decisions that can 10x your success in app development. 

That’s why we’ve come up with 5 Easy Steps to Building Successful Apps in 2019:


Step 1: Prepare for Battle
Step 2: Validate Your Idea First

Step 3: Select Compatible Technologies
Step 4: Protect Your Data
Step 5: Know Your Numbers

Step 3: Select Compatible Technologies

Don’t invest in artificial intelligence unless you have a clear data strategy

Your AI algorithm is only as effective as the data it has to learn from. In 2019, there’s no hotter idea than adding artificial intelligence to anything, and with good reason.  It’s that rare trend that’s already a clear value-add to everyone on the continuum (unlike say cryptocurrency). If a hospital adds an AI-driven medical scribe, or if a brokerage firm adds an AI-driven financial advisor, the business and the end users both experience cost savings.  However, many entrepreneurs come to us with an AI-driven app idea without a clear data acquisition strategy. If you launch an MVP with a freshly-minted AI algorithm, we can pretty much guarantee the algorithm will be unintelligent.

On the other hand, when we talk to entrepreneurs that have a winning strategy to obtain large amounts of de-identified data, we get really excited!  And that means, during the initial months of building the MVP, the algorithm will be trained with real data so it’s ready to perform by the time we launch the MVP.  

Know when to build a native mobile app versus a progressive web app

We get several prospects for a progressive web app per week.  Sometimes, the use case is a match made in heaven. Other times, we still believe a native mobile app makes more sense.  Is it a newsfeed app or storefront? Progressive web app wins. Or is it a personal tracking app that connects with apple healthkit?  Native still wins. Pick the right technology for your use case.  Progressive web apps may very well become the standard in 2021, but if users don’t adopt it in 2019, will your app survive until then?  

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Find opportunities to use off-the-shelf libraries versus coding from scratch

There are open-source and off-the-shelf libraries now for most features that you’d want in an app.  In this day and age, don’t trust any developer that insists on building everything from scratch. The harder part is making sure that the off-the-shelf library is actually off-the-shelf.  We used a React Native epub library for an ereader app, but as the feature got more advanced, continuing to modify the library became much more time-consuming than doing it ourselves. Before you make your decision on how to approach development, consider both the availability of off-the-shelf libraries and their true compatibility with the desired functionality.

A few extra tips on selecting compatible technologies:


Feeling confident about selecting the right technology? Read on: 

Step 4: Protect Your Data

Missed the first step? Don’t worry, you can catch up here.

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