It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in–it’s never too late to avoid the costliest mistakes in your app development journey. And if you’re looking to build successful apps in 2019, then it’s important that you have the wisdom to make financially smart decisions that can 10x your success in app development. 

That’s why we’ve come up with 5 Easy Steps to Building Successful Apps in 2019:


Step 1: Prepare for Battle
Step 2: Validate Your Idea First

Step 3: Select Compatible Technologies
Step 4: Protect Your Data
Step 5: Know Your Numbers

Step 4: Protect Your Data

Know your data privacy laws (GDPR, facebook scandals)

Whether you’re building a mhealth app or a social media app like Facebook that shares user data with advertisers, privacy laws are becoming more stringent than ever.  With certain industries like fintech and healthcare (the areas our firm focuses on), liability is higher at the early stages. You need to set up compliance at the early stages, encrypting data in transfer as well as data at rest.  Also, most of the smaller startups we worked with had to deal with GDPR compliance in 2018. Protecting personal privacy is now becoming a cost of business for startups, not something that only a handful of big businesses need to deal with.  

Use services to handle privacy unless you’re a privacy company  

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The importance of personal privacy in 2019 doesn’t mean that you need to become a data privacy guru and hire your own Gilfoyle. There are myriad services out there now that help app developers handle privacy and are accessible to entrepreneurial budgets.  Example: a few years ago, it cost a whopping $2,000+ per month to become HIPAA compliant on Amazon Web Services. Fast forward to today, and the cost of getting a BAA signed by Amazon for HIPAA compliance is comparable to hosting costs for any other type of app.  Look into Privacy-As-A Service platforms like Amazon as a cost of business (like accounting or legal), so that you can remain focused on the only thing you should be focused on day-to-day, which is getting traction.

Alternate tips for keeping you and your app safe:


Feeling confident about protecting your data? Read on: 

Step 5: Know Your Numbers

Missed the first steps? Don’t worry, you can catch up here.

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