It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in–it’s never too late to avoid the costliest mistakes in your app development journey. And if you’re looking to build successful apps in 2019, then it’s important that you have the wisdom to make financially smart decisions that can 10x your success in app development. 

That’s why we’ve come up with 5 Easy Steps to Building Successful Apps in 2019:


Step 1: Prepare for Battle
Step 2: Validate Your Idea First

Step 3: Select Compatible Technologies
Step 4: Protect Your Data
Step 5: Know Your Numbers

Step 5: Know Your Numbers

Have a digital marketing strategy

To be frank, mobile is a saturated market, and word of mouth as a strategy these days is equivalent to Hope.  In a crowded space where your next door neighbor is probably working on a startup too, you can’t compete on Hope.  Once you have an app, you need to have a digital marketing strategy focused on getting your app in front of users, both with paid ads and organic referrals from within the app.  If your app is B2C, influencer marketing is becoming one of the cheapest ways to reach new users, and existing users would love referring you to their friends for $25 in cash rewards.  If your apps is B2B, experiment with cold outreach on sales navigator and polished explainer videos on linkedin ads. App Store Optimization could work well right off the bat if your service isn’t in a saturated space (don’t invest it in for something generic right “health tracking”). The key is to invest in one marketing channel at a time with a cheap experiment, figure out your cost of user acquisition (CAC) on that channel, then experiment with something else.  In the end, you should double down on no more than 3 channels that have the lowest CAC.

Understand the annual cost of maintenance

When you’re getting a quote for app development, what you’re seeing probably doesn’t include the annual cost of maintenance.  For mobile apps, these costs can be minimal but they can also be a substantial cost into your runway. When there’s a major OS or new device released, changes to the codebase can be required.  We usually tell our clients that a robust native app on each platform could cost between 15-20% of the initial development budget to maintain, whereas a similar app built in React Native could cost between 25-30%.  These numbers don’t include the cost of feature changes based on user feedback. Web app maintenance costs are much lower in comparison due to responsive web design’s ability to withstand web browser upgrades, which may be a reason to go in that direction while you’re still seeking traction.  

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Now, it’s about putting everything you’ve learned together into a successful, cost-effective app that’s going to gain traction in 2019. To help, we’ve created a downloadable white paper (coming soonthat you can keep with you as you progress through your app journey.

Some additional tips on getting to know your numbers: 

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